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  • erica

    i take 100 hundred photes always taking pictures of thier sillyness

  • Amanda Heck & Cat Rocco

    I take at least 100 photos a week of our Cat Rocco; a bit excessive, but he is too aforable!

  • Leah Lucas


  • MaryW

    I take between 30 and 50 photos of Casey R. Doodle every week for his FB page and Entirely Casey! flickr set.

  • Brenna Mack

    I probably take about 20 pictures a week. I’ve been wanting a way to take videos of them. This would be awesome to win. Thank you for the chance!

  • At least 25 a week, not all are ‘keepers’ though, but I do use the best ones on my 2 blogs

  • Wendi Watson

    sometimes more than i take of my kids lol oh at least 50

  • Abby C

    omg. I take so many photos!!! I usually take at least 5 every 2 days!

  • damien crawley

    great contest about 25 pics

  • dawn rasor

    I take a ton of photos! I have about 325 on my camera now that I need to upload to my pc! So I’d say I take about 25-50 per day!

  • Pamela | Something Wagging

    A lot more than I take of anything else–probably a couple hundred.

  • katsrus

    About 25. Sometimes more. They are always doing something cute or silly.
    Sue B

  • Dorothy Hubbard

    Lucy & Zoey can get their best smiles on if I win this.

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    Not many since I don’t have a great camera, but I do get a few. Last week my cats were being hilarious in the bath tub and I got a few photos—I’d love to have captured it on video!

  • Theresa Spaid

    Have a lot of pictures but don’t take that many during a week’s time.

  • Lisa Brown

    i may take two per month

  • Christine Aiello

    Between 50 and 100 I would say. I never stop taking pictures of her!!! I can’t help it she is too darn cute!

  • feathermaye

    I take dozens upon dozens of pictures of my little Starbuck. Not every one of them is worth sharing, but I manage to squeeze quite a lot of them into my Facebook newsfeed!

  • I don’t take dog photos regularly.

  • lsglickman

    5 a day at least!

  • Danielle

    I am always taking pictures (and some video) of my pets..some weeks it may be 10, some others it may be 50. Depends on my mood and how cute they are. 🙂

  • Holly E

    I take several pictures of my fur-kids everyday since I have 5 cats, 1 dog, and 2 guinea pigs!

  • Vicki Hale

    Hello, I take about 2 pictures a week. Thanks. Vicki

  • Jim Hayes

    I take about 2-3 pictures a week of my dog.

  • SGilbert

    I would say I take between 15-20 pictures a week.

  • Kelly McGrew

    probably one or two a month! but especially during the holidays because i send them to family!

  • christina

    I take as many as I can because I know one day it will be all I have when they pass from old age. 🙂

  • Paula Ball

    I do rescue so always trying to get flattering or cute shots of the animals to post. This recorder would be so helpful.

  • virginia


  • virginia

    i would take more but i dont have my own camera

  • Rachel T

    I probably take anywhere between 2 and 10 photos of my pets each week. I have a dog and two cats, so there are plenty of photo opts.

  • Milene Mittelhauser

    Probably a couple. I’m still trying to get that elusive great picture of my newest, Paisley.

  • Kelley Denz

    I take several pictures every week my the kids. It averages around 10-20 I would think.

  • mother of 3

    10 or more times

  • Jeanne

    We take at least one or two photos a week sometimes more.

  • Mindy S

    I don’t take photos every week but we probably average 10 per month.

  • i take about eight photos a week of my dogs and cats….usually just quick cellphone pic snaps of funny things my animals do.. thanks!

  • Tammi Laney

    5 or more times

  • chelsea m

    at least two a week

  • Joan Garrison

    I take atleast 10 photo’s a week of my cat.

  • Amy Perkins

    at least 10 -20 my 2 dogs and my 2 kitties are big ole hams

  • LyricInTime2803

    I’ll go through stretches where I’m taking tons of pics every day, then won’t again for a week or so.

  • About 10 if you include snapchat! Like pages on Facebook as Allie Lanc just to clarify!

  • dogmom4

    I subscribe under sid7760 at AOL dotcom

  • Janet T

    4-5 a week

  • Janette Blair Bryant

    every day !

  • Angel Reed

    At least five times

  • Carey Runzel-Oberly

    I usually take about 5 but sometimes they just are too cute and i take more,,,

  • Tony Newman

    Honestly, I don’t take a specified amount in a week, but we do have lots of pictures of our pets.

  • Shannon

    I take 5 photos a week at least!

  • sherry butcher

    I don’t take photos every week but at times 20 to 25 and some with friends dogs.

  • Helga

    None right now since I dont have a camera!

  • Rust

    sometimes one or two, sometimes none

  • AngelaLilly

    It really depends. I have a blog where I share photos and poems based on photos of my cats. So if I need photos for that, I will take many that week. If not, it may be just 1 or 2 if any. 😀

  • doan b

    I do not take weekly photos of my dogs. However, I do have several.

  • Nikki Blanchard

    Probably at least 5. I love catching her while she is sleeping. She is always finding creative places to sleep. Also, she is loves to get so dirty, I like to catch her when she is all dirty and playing.

  • Marilyn Nawara

    About 4-5

  • pmilner

    On average, I take a couple of photos a week of our adorable little guy. During Holidays and other special times, I take more pictures. Thank you for the super giveaway opportunity. Keep up the terrific blogging.

  • Lynda Noack- Cook

    I take quite a few pictures a week, my dogs are always doing something goofy lol

  • Marti Tabora

    I usually take two or three pics each week.

  • Renee Travis

    I take about 10 pictures a week of my cat and dog 🙂

  • Ashley M

    Depending on what they are doing but usually 25 between the three of them (Dog, Cat, Bird)

  • Jamie Hamilton

    About 10! 🙂

  • Shelley Joy P

    I take about 30.

  • Larissa Griffith

    I usually take about 10-15

  • velma

    about 50

  • Shelly Thacker-vandyne

    Close to 10+

  • julie ferguson gould

    I am usually filling my phone with my Dogs and Cats and Birds, so much so I have to empty my phone every few days. 🙂

  • Wendy Walker

    Usually 1-5

  • Virginia Barrett

    I take anywhere from a couple up to 5.

  • Jennifer Leigh Dace

    I am usually taking several photos every week of our furry and feathered kids. Everytime someone looks cute I whip out my phone to snap the action or cuteness. We have 2 dogs, 3 cats, several chickens, horses, mules and a donkey. Somebody is always doing something around here.

  • andie

    one a week – approx.

  • Amanda Sue

    1per week

  • Stephen

    Average? 4-5. Some weeks dozens, some weeks less

  • sandy weinstein

    i dont take photos every wk, i take photos of special events with my dogs and new happenings

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    I usually take 2 or 3 pics a week, sometimes more when they do something silly.

  • Philippe

    I would say at least 2

  • myneurotica

    I take at least 3 pictures a day.

  • John Travis

    around 10

  • debra dubois

    I take picture everyday we adopted two sweet girls 5 months ago so i love to take photos and see how fast they are growing. They are both Lab mix so they are gonna be big girls..THEY ARE ME SWEETIES!!!

  • Christine Hubbard

    I don’t know how many I take but it’s a lot. I would love to be able to video her. She’s amazing and perfect for our family, she fits right in. 🙂

  • Kelly Maxwell

    My husband and I are always snapping pics of our cats and dog. At least 20 a week.

  • Crystal Reeser

    i take alot of photos I have 5 furbabies 3 cats and two dogs and they are extra bonuses to my kids which I have 3 of those and they are never left of family pictures at anytime even on vacations when we take our dogs with us we couldn’t ask for better personalitied furbabies they are all special in different ways but treated equally 🙂

  • Jose Benavides

    I don’t take any photos of my pets ever..

  • Natalie L.

    I usually take a couple a week. I have a Bernese and he is the best.

  • Pat Turner

    I would say I approximate 5-7 pictures of my dogs per week.

  • Elizabeth Curson

    I take about 1 or 2 pix a week of my cute doggy.

  • Joy

    i take 0-3 photos/ week

  • Fiona N

    I take 1-4 photos a week!

  • I take around 10 pics a week of our pets

  • Georgia Hatheway Beckman

    rofl…………probably 20 or more. I can’t help myself!

  • rayreadb


  • jeanette sheets

    3 at least

  • Jennifer P

    On average I’m guessing I probably take about a picture per week, maybe two.

  • Evelyn Chuter

    Since my camera is broken and I can’t afford a cell phone I don’t take any in a week. But my granddaughter takes them with her cell phone sometimes.

  • Pamela Vazquez

    About five a week!! XD When he lets me at least!!

  • Lisa Kerr

    I take about 10 photos of my pets every week!

  • Shelly

    LOL daily 🙂

  • About 5,000 photos a week.. hehe! No really, anywhere from 5-50… than goodness for digital!

  • Beth

    Now that I have a smartphone, I take close to 100 pictures of them each week!

  • jenaardell

    Would love this!! I take photos every day.

  • Donna George

    I take abut 5 per week

  • Wendy Mastin

    All I have is a camera, so I take maybe a couple in 1 weeks time

  • W Shifflette

    I probably take about 15. They are usually doing something super cute with my kids too, so it is a combo picture.

  • gkran

    Probably around 10. (Gianna)

  • Daniel M

    probably 6-7 a week

  • Karen Drake

    I don’t have a camera right now so I don’t take any, if I had one I would probably take a hundred, I love my pets like crazy 🙂

  • Cristi Mcduffie

    I don’t take many pictures in general, so I would say a couple every two months.

  • russrpm

    3 or 4 per week at least.

  • Charlene Drake

    1 or 2 a week

  • Sheri Ferguson

    I take about a dozen pet pics each week. We have 3 dogs and 4 cats, so lots cuteness!!

  • Richard Hicks

    I don’t take too many but will snap one every now and then when they are doing something funny or sleeping

  • Angela Cash

    I probably average 20-25 photos of my pets each week. They are just so darn cute I can’t help myself!

  • Angela Newsome

    I take dozens….my kids love to pose with our pets!!!

  • Chris G.

    I don’t usually take any photos of my pets in a week. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • rose paden

    To many to count! I love taking photos of my pets!

  • Jaime Cummings

    Probably 30 or more because we have 5 dogs!

  • Joy Q

    I take about 5-10 photos a week.

  • Buddy Garrett

    I don’t usually take any pictures of our pets during the week.

  • Sandrine T

    I take pictures of my dog almost everyday, so too many to count!


    Oh wow I can take fifty in just one day a lone. He is just too cute.

  • wins4me

    about 1 or 2 a week

  • Diane G.

    I take a *ton* of photos of my “doghter” each week. We just moved to a new home. She is 12.5 years old and not in the best of health. I don’t know how much more time I have left with her, so I love each and every photo I can get. I don’t have a cell phone so I carry my camera with me almost all the time.

  • Paula Tavernie

    About 5 or 6!! He is a funny little man!!!!

  • Brooke Arnold

    I take photos of them every single day!