Win a Valentine’s Cooking Set for Your Dog Treats!


It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! We’re going to be cooking up some Valentine’s treats (watch for the recipes!) in the coming days but, first, we wanted to share a fun little giveaway for our community members!

We’ve got a copy of My Dog Says I’m a Great Cook! with over 100 dog treat recipes from us and from your fellow community members–as well as a silicone baking sheet for heart-shaped treats and a set of cookie cutters for making heart-shaped biscuits!

How to Enter

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About Paris Permenter & John Bigley

Paris Permenter and John Bigley are the award-winning authors of over 30 pet and travel books as well as the founders and publishers of CatTipper and DogTipper.

  • LyricInTime2803

    Peanut Butter & Pumpkin Pup-cakes!

  • SGilbert

    Awesome giveaway!

  • Shelley P

    My dogs love homemade 3 cheese doggy cookies.

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    I have just started seeing recipes for homemade doggie treats! I think mine would like one with cheese

  • dawn rasor

    Both of my collie boys love the homemade biscuits I make more than any store bought treat. Their favorites are apple pie cookies and pumpkin pie cookies. I make them in all different breed shapes of dogs and also in different size bones so we can share with the tiny toy size neighbors and the big boys too!

  • Candice

    I haven’t made homemade treats yet, but know my dogs would love anything peanut butter flavored.

  • Darlene Owen

    My dogs love liver snaps, that I make out of deer livers.

  • Helga

    Thye love my whole wheat biscuits.

  • Rachel Davis

    my baby girl loves my homemade peanut butter banana pupcakes!

  • Jayedee Halpin Dewitt

    i make a peanut butter cookie that my kids love!

  • Heather Bridson

    I make peanutbutter oatmeal cookies for my pugs

  • Danielle Murgia

    Sissy’s favorite is peanut butter ice cream!

  • russrpm

    I make a peanut butter oatmeal treat that they go crazy for.

  • Shelly

    I love your recipe book and would donate this one to one of the rescues for an auction but would love to receive the cookie cutters

  • Paula Ball

    peanut butter toast.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    My dogs like just about anything you give them, and they really like my homemade pumpkin cookies – also my sweet potato ones.

  • Rachel T

    I don’t know. I’ve never been brave enough to try making them for her before. I would love to do it though!

  • Marilyn Nawara

    Sweet Potato biscuits that are made by a neighbor lady.

  • Patti Lee

    I have a Border Collie-English Pointer and she is sensitive to any store bought treats. So this mom makes her favorites that include oats, P-nut butter, apples and sweet potatoes! She is a happy camper and her stomach issues stay in check with home-made!

  • Jim Hayes

    He loves any type of cookies

  • catchatcaren

    Dakota loves cookies (but I have to admit I have only made them a couple of times)

  • kristina

    peanut butter oatmeal doggie cookies

  • Ginny Tata-Phillips

    Any treats made at home with love are their favorites!

  • Theresa Spaid

    I haven’t tried making homemade dog treats yet but I would like to get into it. My 2 kids would love anything I try making they are not picky when it comes to treats.

  • Christine Aiello

    Her favorite would have to be peanut butter cookies that I make her.

  • Holly E

    My dog loves peanut butter cookies

  • adknykate

    Jackson loves the peanut butter treats that I bake for him.

  • Jdace

    Drago and Fanny, my fur kids, live when I make puppy pumpkin treats and I also make a beef bisquit they are quite fond of also.

  • Kathy K

    Rory is kind of fussy about treats but loves anything with liver. šŸ™‚

  • dawn rasor

    Izzo says he doesn’t care what they are, just bring them on!!!

  • Joy Deschaine

    anything healthy to dogs he loves!

  • sherry butcher

    Blackie, my fur kid, love anything he thinks I have made but also like most packaged treats. love him.

  • Deanna

    My dog likes carrots mixed in to her treats.

  • Rachel T

    I think she would love anything with peanut butter in it, because I use peanut butter to give her a daily pill.

  • Krystal Pena

    my dog loves anything peanut butter

  • Barbara Hutcheson

    ******anything with peanut butter!!!******

  • Autumn

    Anything with Peanut Butter šŸ™‚

  • Trish B.

    My dogs all love baby carrots as treats! They also love satsumas! I would pick satsumas off of my tree and give them pieces and the next thing I know, they were picking the low hanging satsumas and eating them! LOL!

  • Kelly Ann T

    My dogs love homemade peanut butter treats and frozen Greek yogurt with honey, bananas and peanut butter

  • MaryW

    I got a dehydrator for Christmas and have been making Casey’s treats in it. His favorite? Mini buffalo burgers with herbs!

  • Danielle Murgia

    Sissy loves homemade peanut butter biscuits!

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    My dogs love the chicken and rice with beans that I make them.

  • Rebecca

    My dogs loves anything with peanut butter!

  • barb1

    scrambled eggs and grits

  • Danielle Murgia

    Sissy also loves it when I make oatmeal biscuits!

  • Lucki Grrl

    eggs – she’s got a strict diet because of tummy problems (the year before she came to our family was rough and still affects her), but she does sometimes still get some eggs sent her way!

  • I’ve never made homemade treats, but I imagine they would love almost anything ā€¦. especially beef, cheese, chicken, or peanut butter flavored.

  • Kelly Ann T

    My dogs love green beans.

  • Danielle Murgia

    Sissy will also eat carrots if they fall out of the pan on accident.

  • Donna Evans

    I have never made homemade treats

  • Dawn Rasor

    Murphy likes one of my newest recipe ideas, I used shredded carrot and some cinnamon so they taste like carrot cake.

  • Gershwin

    Gershwin loves all kind of homemade treats, but his favorite is chicken jerky!

  • dawn rasor

    Anything made with peanut butter in it is a hit with my Murphy & Izzo!

  • Danielle Murgia

    Sissy loves peanut butter biscuits!

  • SGilbert

    Anything with Peanut Butter

  • doan b

    I make my dogs treats with pumpkin,p’ut butter, flour, oats and eggs. They turn out hard and my dogs love ’em.

  • Kelly Ann T

    My dogs like homemade turkey jerky.

  • Lynda Noack- Cook

    peanut butter cookies

  • Jackie Preas

    My Beauregard loves peanut butter and ginger cookies

  • SGilbert

    Turkey& Spinach treat

  • Danielle Murgia

    Peanut butter oatmeal doggie bones

  • Deanna

    Day-Z likes fruit shakes

  • Jason Diehl

    Sweet potato chips

  • Deanna

    She likes things made with pumpkin.

  • Danielle Murgia

    Sweet potato jerky

  • Kelly Ann T

    My dog likes homemade cheddar cheese bones.

  • Heather Bridson

    Oatmeal and peanut butter cookies!

  • Rachael Henzman

    Domino likes frozen treats made in the ice cube tray! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Anne

    My dog Otis likes the occasional egg.

  • Danielle Murgia

    Anything peanut butter!

  • Kelly Ann T

    My dogs both like lean grilled turkey

  • jenn S (fotojennic)

    favorite home made treat?? BACON!!!!!! šŸ™‚

  • letessha

    turkey breast

  • Cindy Conner Bowling

    Baked chicken

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    They like my homemade dog biscuits.

  • Darlene Owen

    My dogs favorite homemade treat is liver snaps.

  • Rust

    biscuits with oats and pumpkin

  • Brittany Phillips

    Spencer LOVES homemade treats that have peanut butter in them!!! šŸ™‚

  • Danielle Murgia

    Sissy likes frozen kongs!

  • Carol

    I make doggie ice cream and bake treats using brewers yeast, very good for them plus they (all four) love them!!!

  • Phoenixtl

    Anything with peanut butter.

  • Bonnie Gill

    Sweet potatoe

  • Ruckus the Eskie

    Freeze dried sweet potatoes!

  • HufflePup

    Dehydrated chicken!

  • Danielle Murgia

    Banana Bars

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    I have made homemade doggie ice cream and they loved it.

  • Angela Paul-Robison

    Homemade freeze pops!

  • Rachel T

    She loves frozen green beans, so I think frozen homemade treats might just be a new favorite.

  • Nikki Blanchard

    She loves anything Peanut Butter!!!