Win a FURminator Firm Slicker Brush for Your Dog!

Shedding season is underway at our house! Both Irie and Tiki are shedding…but Tiki is shedding so much hair that we could create Mini Tiki!

If you’d like a great took to get your dog’s shedding under control, we have a FURminator® Firm Slicker Brush to give away! This brush has bent bristles on one side to help brush out that loose undercoat, and straight bristles on the other side for smoothing the fur. Here’s a look at how you can use the Slicker Brush, an anti-microbial brush with a flexible head and protective cover:

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Disclosure: We received this brush from FURminator.

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  • Jason Diehl

    once every weekend

  • Shelley P

    I brush my dogs once per week.

  • Katie Mitchell

    Molly everyday(at least when she is shedding a lot) and the other 2 about once a week(they don’t like being brushed as much and shed a lot less)

  • Parenting Furkids

    Around here, you’re in trouble with Barkly around if you don’t brush every day. One thing I don’t see in that video? Hair isn’t flying everywhere when he’s brushing that husky. That’s amazing!

  • Danika

    2-3 times

  • SGilbert

    Schooner and Skipper are brushed 3 times a week.

  • Heather

    Sadly I do not brush her often enough ~ not even once a week ~ because she does not like it 🙁

  • Carol

    twice a week!

  • Sue Barney

    During shedding season everyday!

  • Rachael Henzman

    Once a week normally. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Deanna

    I try to brush my dog 2-3 times per week. She sheds like crazy!

  • Mary Witter

    I do Casey R. Doodle’s deep (thorough) brushing once a week.(2+ hours!), and a light brushing–ears, tail, feet–every morning before we leave for work at our office at the local food bank. Casey is the official greeter there, so has to look tidy!

  • Nikki Blanchard

    I try to brush her 2-3 times a week! But it isn’t her favorite thing to do.

  • Carissa Joslyn

    I have a wolf hybrid & he has thick fur. I can spend hours a day brushing him and not be done… He hasn’t been brushed in a while. I’m allergic to him and can only brush him outside. & in – degree weather, meh.

  • Jdace

    I usually try to get a good brushing in about 2-3 times per week.

  • Christine Aiello

    I try to brush her every day but it doesn’t always happen.

  • M. K. Clinton

    We have an older FURminator but use it daily! A new one would be pawsome!! Bark
    More, Growl Less Barking from the

  • latch1207

    I have the des heading furminator and use it at least one time a week on both of my babies

  • Leah Lucas

    I brush the dogs once a week!

  • Once a week but it’s not nearly enough.

  • scottsgal

    with 3 dogs, we brush several times per week.

  • Guest

    I usually brush Vix, my canine baby, about once a week, sometimes a bit less often. She has short, non-matting hair so it’s not really necessary to do it more frequently. With my Springers, I used to brush at least once a day.

  • Jennifer P

    I usually brush Vix, my canine baby, about once a week, sometimes a bit less often. She has short, non-matting hair so it’s not really necessary to do it more frequently. With my Springers, I used to brush at least once a day.

  • Darlene Owen

    Lets say I should brush them once a week and I will again when warmer weather comes.

  • Helga

    Maybe once a week,

  • Phoenixtl

    Once a week.

  • dawn rasor

    I have two rought collies and brush them at least once a week, sometimes more. If I don’t then when I finally do get around to it, it can take hours and that isn’t good for them or my back! Anything that can help removing the loose fur and undercoat is a wonderful thing for us!!

  • Karen Kamys-Kane

    would love to win I brush Charlie 2 or 3 times a week

  • Candice

    In the summer I do it every other day. In the winter, only about 1 time/week.

  • Holly E

    Daily, she sheds pretty bad.

  • Janet T

    I brush my dog every other day

  • Jackie

    We brush Hufflepup at least three times a week. He’s got a thick coat and sheds all the time!

  • Danielle Murgia

    I try to brush Sissy a few times a week but sometimes she tolerates much less.

  • Marilyn Nawara

    I brush my Westie 1 time a week right now

  • buckyandtux

    once or twice a week normally but more depending on the time of year

  • Raine Dawson

    More than 3, lately it’s been a daily thing.

  • Angie Fiack

    Usually every other day, although this time of the year, it’s every day.

  • We do once a week, though Terra sometimes requires more with all of her fur!

  • Ruckus the Eskie

    Brushed 1-2x/week

  • Heather Bridson

    I don’t brush them enough, usually every two weeks.

  • Shelly

    Layla being a HaShiPoo is brushed daily and really need a good one for her

  • Rachel T

    3-4 times

  • Robin A

    We comb her daily she loves it

  • andie

    2-3 times per week

  • Karen DeGraaf


  • kazul

    My dogs and cat get some amount of brushing daily.

  • Susan Pertierra

    I would give this to my sister for her 4 dogs. I don’t know how often they get brushed.

  • Deena

    I brush them once a week.

  • Barbara Hutcheson

    ***** I have 2 hairy dogs(an old shepherd with fine coarse hair and a big Bernese mountain dog with gigantic dust bunnies!!) so I literally vacuum gym daily-brush would be easier:)

  • Mallory H.

    Maybe once a month for my three dogs, they all are short hair. (rat terrier, boggle & chihuahua) I would love this, as I’m a new groomer !

  • Christina Sparks

    Well to be honest, I only do it about once a week

  • Cynthia Amber Downer

    Ideally I’d brush them once a week. It doesn’t always happen.

  • Abby C

    I usually brush them whenever they go out with me which is pretty often nowadays 🙂

  • Lisa F.

    I try to brush my long-coated dogs once a week.

  • kazul

    The dogs both get brushed daily

  • Linda Meyers-Gabbard


  • Lillian Bracy Milstead

    i brush her every day

  • Angela Cash

    I brush my dog several times a week. She has a short coat but she loves to roll in the grass so I have to give her a quick brushing to keep her from bringing it inside.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    I don’t have a set number of times I brush my dogs and cats every week. It depends on who needs it. I have a Maine Coon who needs some type of brushing almost daily, but my other cats and five dogs have shorter fur and I brush them before baths, and any time it looks like they are showing shedding. I’d guess 3-4 times a week on average.