Win an Oster RapidBath Pet Bathing System!

oster1Let’s face it: most dogs don’t like getting a bath. At our house, while Irie tolerates it (and even seems to enjoy it sometimes), Tiki gets a whiff of dog shampoo, and she’s off. Once we do get her set for bathing, she wiggles with strength that seems far beyond her 60 pounds. By the time the bath is done, we’re as wet as Tiki is, our backs are breaking, and we’re exhausted.

oster2The idea of shortening that bath time seems like a great answer. Osterยฎ, the company that makes a wide line of dog shampoos and grooming equipment (and plenty of kitchen and beauty products as well), has developed the RapidBath Pet Bathing System. It’s designed to wash your dog in just three minutes!

The system works thanks to its tank that you fill with your favorite dog shampoo. (No more juggling a shampoo bottle with one hand while you wash with the other!) Attach a hose (indoors or outside) to the device, turn on the water, and you’re set to wash.

No prewashing is needed. The system uses the patented InjectAirโ„ข technology to take oxygen down to the skin for dermatological health, meaning that all that time you’d normally spend scrubbing is drastically cut. When you’re ready to rinse, just flip a switch and you’re ready to rinse!

We have one Oster RapidBath Pet Bathing System for a DogTipper reader!

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  • Shelley P

    Kandy is hard to bathe at home. It’s hard to get her in the tub and when she is in, she tries to jump out the entire time. We end up taking a bath too LOL

  • Dogmama

    VERY! He’s old and it’s hard for him to get in the tub at home, so we have to take him elsewhere to bathe with high tub walls; he looks so pathetic when we do it too ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Phoenixtl

    Yes, there’s lots of squirming.

  • Carissa Joslyn

    my husky is scared of water. it takes 3 people to give him a bath!
    But my pit doesn’t mind, she just sits there in shivers. she has to have a warm bath in the tub. what a baby.

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    I have two at home that don’t like bathes, but they do tolerate them. If I don’t catch one of them first, he see’s the other one getting one he will hide under my bed.

  • rpatrick1

    If we try to bathe her outside, it’s impossible~~~~ so we need to do it inside in the bathtub…

  • Mary Witter

    Not difficult, exactly…he tolerates baths, but I can’t say he’s happy about them, either. Casey is a 90-lb goldendoodle who lives life to the fullest: mud, swimming, kicking up dust at the dog park. He’s also in charge of meeting & greeting in our office at a large food bank, so has to be clean and well-groomed to perform his duties.

  • Leah Lucas

    Our Australian Shepherd loves water but dislikes baths! We don’t like to bath her in the tub because of the hair and she does not want to get in it either!

  • dawn rasor

    My collies aren’t difficult but because I only have the bathtub it’s hard on my back to bend over and be on my knees the whole time it takes. If I had this I could attach it to the hose which has hot & cold water and make it much easier on me.

  • Shelly

    Very difficult with a tiny sink and looking for something to make my life easier

  • julie ferguson gould

    Oh my goodness yes they are very hard to bathe. I have 2 pugs and they get crazy ๐Ÿ™‚ Would love to have an easier way to do this task ๐Ÿ™‚

  • debra dubois

    They don’t do to bad as long as we give then a shower in the stand-up shower. They are both 9 months and getting bigger everyday.

  • Robin A

    No she loves water.

  • Holly E

    She is difficult to bathe. She’s a little wiggle butt. She doesn’t like to sit still.

  • Talex5

    No, she’s not difficult to bathe, she’s very cooperative. She doesn’t like it, but she does cooperate ๐Ÿ™‚

  • lavonne5845

    Yes Zoey is a LARGE black lab that does not like to stand quiet.

  • Jessica Menster

    Sawyer is a terrier and he other really likes his bath, or really wants to get out! You never know what kind of mood he’s in!

  • Cindy McElwee

    Need 6 hands when I try to bath Spencer ~ I can never do a really good job โ™ฅ

  • Kim

    My German Shepherd, Diesel isn’t thrilled to be bathed but he does pretty good. But he has a tendency to want to lay down, during a brush or bath he flops on his side!

  • Christine Aiello

    Yes she is difficult to bathe because she hates getting baths. If I put her in the tub she walks back and forth the entire time so you can get to her and then when you put her in a sink she jumps up onto the counter all the time!

  • Barbara Hutcheson

    Yes they are hard to bathe at home as I have 2 very large dogs so I take them to the “Wag N Wash”

  • Mona Jensen

    Yes!! I have two 19 month old German Shepherds and it is always a HUGE hassle to get them bathed!! I end up soaked AND having to clean the ENTIRE bathroom!!!!

  • Elsie

    I have2 great dogs, this prize would make it easier, no doubt, and they would love it too.

  • Jdace

    We are lucky with our aussie. He will jump up on the table outside and let us use the hose on him for a bath. However, our bc is another story. She will run from a bath or greatly protest if she gets tricked into a bath. Ha! But, sometimes they just need a bath after a good roll in something smelly on the ranch. At least if they want to come back in the house and hang out on the couch ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The dogs themselves aren’t a problem to bathe. I have physical limitations that make it rough. This system would help a great deal.

  • ElaineB2

    We don’t even attempt it…our golden retriever cross goes to the groomer!

  • Danielle Murgia

    Sissy is not real great in the tub.

  • Darlene Carbajal

    It’s not difficult to bathe my dog, thank God!!

  • Jim Hayes

    Yes he is hard.

  • Angie Fiack

    Yes, Belle is a BIG baby! She used to get in the tub by herself, but she’s figured out that if she jumps in my lap instead, I can’t get her into the tub! I use a wheelchair and she weighs 70 lbs! LOL

  • Deena

    I have 5 dogs to bathe so it is definitely difficult to bathe them at home.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    I have five Treeing Walker Coonhounds who don’t like taking baths, so anything that would help would be a godsend. We are redoing our main bathroom so this would be especially nice.

  • Cynthia Amber Downer

    The only difficulty I have is how many(3) and how large they are. They’re not huge fans of baths, but tolerate them quite well. By the end of the 3rd dog, by back is aching too!

  • Karen DeGraaf

    yes much so, he is wild in the tube and we have to use a cup to wash rinse him off, could really use this ty for the chance

  • tonja1nation

    When my dog, Sancho, was still just a baby, I began a regular bathing routine. I always make sure the water is warm, (but, not as warm as people like, because, a dog’s normal body temp is 103 compared to our 98.6) I use tearless baby shampoo on his head & make every effort to keep the soap out of his eyes & ears (use cotton – prevents ear infections) I always made bathtime “fun” time & praised him a LOT. Telling him what a good & pretty boy he is. To this day, he gladly climbs in the tub & patiently lets me bathe him, waiting until I say “okay” before he jumps out. Thank – goodness, because, he weighs 85 pounds! He knows he feels better & gets lots of love after his baths. Drying him off, however, is another story, because, he thinks towels are for tug of war! Luckily, he is short haired & air dries quickly!!

  • Marilyn Nawara

    It’s not too difficult but he doesn’t like it and I usually end up as wet as him.

  • Wen Budro

    Yes- it’s extremely messy and a huge hassle….Ugh.

  • Dominique A. Balsoma

    Lacey isn’t to bad giving a bath, she just isn’t a fan of it and she will run and hide when she knows it bath time

  • tamatha hunter

    I call it my 4 bath day as I get soaked giving my 3 their bath.

  • Danika

    i suppose he can get on my nerves!

  • Margie Rohauer

    mine only likes to take baths if the water is warm

  • Katie Mitchell

    Roxy tries jumping out of the tub molly is just hard getting in and out of the tub because she doesn’t like being picked up and daisy loves water and enjoys bath time which is a good thing because she likes to get dirty too

  • We have three who all hate spa day. I’m usually more soaked than they are when all is said and done.

  • Oh, yes! It has to be done outside!

  • disqus_0S16OLSCOR

    Yes, she won’t stay still and wants to jump out of the water.

  • Abby C

    One of them is worse than the other, but they aren’t absolutely terrible ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Evelyn Chuter

    Oh yes, so much so that I usually bring him to get bathed. But with this maybe I will try at home again. It sure is much cheaper.

  • christina

    Nope he is calm, cool and collective. A great little guy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Helga

    No they are real troopers!

  • Lisa F.

    Two of my dogs have really thick coats, so it can be difficult to get them rinsed easily, but they’re all fairly good in the bath.

  • Cassie Hayes

    He doesn’t fight the bath. He is scared if the running bath water though. I have a hard time rinsing him because he is a large dog. Hard on my back as well. This would help so much.

  • Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    Oh yes extremely difficult. She acts like she is being killed. She screams and tries to run away

  • andie

    Mollie takes it better than a lot of other dogs, so that’s a bonus.

  • Deanna

    You would think my dog loves to take a bath because she gets dirty all the time. But she doesn’t like it.

  • Jeanette Jackson

    Mine usually stands very still in the tub but I know if I let go he’ll try to escape.

  • 49tam

    You have no idea! He is about a 200 pound Saint Benard & it takes at least 2 of us humans to bathe him. This would help soooooo much!

  • Ruckus the Eskie

    Yes, very difficult as you can imagine!

  • Carey Runzel-Oberly

    There a times yes when they want to jump out of the sink. We have a deep sink and smaller dogs. Its too hard to do in shower unless of course you have this great gadget to wash n rinse quickly and efficiently. I have seen this before n great idea!

  • Sherry Evans

    my lab/pit mix is very difficult but the English Bulldog loves getting his bath

  • Charlene

    My Saint Bernard is hard to bath. My chihuahua is easy ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Heather Bridson

    My pugs hate baths!!! they panic and just do not enjoy it!

  • Bias

    My girls are really easy to bathe now. As puppies, they hated it, but they’re long used to climbing in the shower/tub on demand. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • LyricInTime2803

    Yes- he behaves pretty well, but there’s too much fur to bathe him inside, and when we do it outside he ends up getting dirty right away again from the mud the hose creates. Just bought a small pool that will hopefully help with that.

  • CarolynH6

    We haven’t tried to bathe her at home yet.

  • Crystal Rose

    He’s pretty easy to bathe.

  • shelbiejohnston

    She isnt too hard, but she hates every minute of it

  • Rachel T

    He runs from the hose! I can’t say I blame him though. He’s too big for the tub.

  • sandy weinstein

    depends on the dog. i have 3. all 3 hate to be bathed. however, only the baby tries to crawl out of the washtub even with the harness on her…so i put the ironing board in front of her…i let them all soak in whitening gel i get at the dog shows, since they all have white feathers…and takes me abt 45 min per dog or more…then i blow dry, use mouse, conditioner, from the dog shows….my dogs have more beauty products than i do….white shampoo, 4 or 5 kinds, black shampoo. 2-3, conditioners -at least 4-5, daily conditioners, mouse, hairspray, etc. plus abt 5-6 diff. types of brushes and combs-from the dog shows…strippers, grooming stone, grinders, pullers, etc.

  • Stephanie Grant

    My Boxer Loki is a pain to try to give a bath to. He loves water and makes it a point every time I try to bathe him in the house to jump and splash all the water out of the tub and all over the bathroom!

  • The dogs are Awful to bathe- it’s always a mess! HAS to be done outside!

  • jennifer p

    Yes, Vix is pretty difficult to bathe at home. While she’s not that big, she hates the water so it’s a massive fight just to catch her if she suspects a bath is in the offing.

  • Deven

    Somewhat, mainly bc I don’t have time. Would love to win!

  • ado

    This is for our meows and oh YES!!!!

  • Rebecca Swenor

    I have three and my lil won loves to come in bathroom while a bathe because when I am done washing myself he wants me to wash is face. Other two are big dogs German Shepard and lab, they hate baths so I have to lift them in tub.

  • Lesley F

    Yes because he is so big

  • lmurley2000

    yes sometimes I have to chase him down

  • Angela Cash

    My dog has a serious aversion to water, even wet grass. Bathing her at home is no fun for either of us.