Win an Oster Rush Brush!


I love pet products that do double duty. With multiple pets and a tight budget, it’s great to find products that fill more than one need in our pet household.

The Rush Brush from Oster® is one of those products. Designed to be a two-in-one brush for all coat types, the brush can be used for grooming AND for bathing.

For grooming, just brush the rubber teeth along your dog’s coat. Just like when you brush your couch with a rubber dishwashing glove, the rubber will help pick up all that loose hair!

For bathing, use the rubber teeth to help work shampoo down into your pet’s coat.

The rubber teeth are designed to be soothing to your dog’s skin while working to help you groom your dog–even if you’re in a rush!

How to Enter

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We received a Rush Brush for review.

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Paris Permenter and John Bigley are the award-winning authors of over 30 pet and travel books as well as the founders and publishers of CatTipper and DogTipper.

  • Leah Lucas

    My dog has medium hair, soft. She is an Australian Shepherd, she sheds mostly in the spring and fall

  • Shelley P

    Ella has a short coat but my other 6 dogs have long hair.

  • Phoenixtl


  • jennifer p

    Vicki, my canine baby, has a shortish coat. It grow out somewhat but never really gets too long.

  • Carissa Joslyn

    I have three dogs.
    one with shot, one with long, and one with THICK med hair!

  • dawn rasor

    I have collies. they have a short fluffy thick undercoat and a long more coarse outter coat.

  • Honey has a silky double coat. It’s much more challenging than my previous shepherd mixes.

  • michele376

    I have a St Bernard and he has a mixed coat. Around his neck and front part of his body he is long hair with the rest of his body being short hair. The short hair is shedding all the time.

  • I have a Pit Mix with short and a Chi with a medium coat.

  • Rachael Henzman

    He’s got a short coat. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Danika

    between short and long, in different places, are different lengths

  • Dorothy Teel

    Granddog has a short straight coat. and he loves to be brushed.

  • Sue Barney

    I have long haired dogs a pomapoo and an Amaerican Eskimo

  • Kim

    Medium I guess, he’s a German Shepherd

  • Danielle Murgia

    Sissy has long fur, she’s a cocker spaniel mix and has the weird curly fur on her legs.

  • Jdace

    I have an aussie and a bc mix. The hair flies from their long coats!! :/

  • Ruckus the Eskie

    long hair

  • Marilyn Nawara

    I have a Westie with a wire coat

  • buckyandtux

    One long hair and one short hair

  • Theresa Spaid

    One has long hair the other one is short but thick with undercoats

  • Elsie

    I have two dogs, long curly coat, and long straight coat…
    What a great giveaway!

  • kazul

    My dogs are both short haired with thick, heavily shedding, undercoats

  • Angie Fiack

    My dog has short fur.

  • Kelly Ann T

    Both Artie and Kouga have long hair with an undercoat. They are Alaskan Malamute mixes

  • Lisa F.

    I have five dogs and the coats range from long to short and thick.

  • Wen Budro

    My canine has short hair.

  • Heather Bridson

    My pugs have short hair..but they shed constantly!!!

  • Helga

    My rotty has medium fur length.

  • Robin A

    More of a medium coat

  • andie

    Long, large amounts of thick white hair!

  • Karen DeGraaf


  • AndreaH (Andrea Hamilton)

    He has short hair and sheds like crazy!

  • Cynthia Amber Downer

    All 3 of my dogs have mediumish short hair.

  • tonja1nation

    These rubber brushes work great on dogs with short – medium coats for deep cleaning & de-shedding of loose/dead hair!!

  • Abby C

    One of my girls have wiry coarse hair and the other has thick long hair

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    our dog is long and curly

  • Susan Pertierra

    We have both short hair and smooth coated dogs.

  • peachfacelady

    I have a shepard chow mix. I have hair everyone

  • Lillian Bracy Milstead

    I have a yorkie she has a long coat

  • Angela Cash

    My dog is a Dobie mix with a short coat.