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Summer is fast approaching, and, if you’re looking for a fun movie for your young dog lover, be sure to enter our giveaway for a “Treasure Buddies” Blu-Ray/DVD combo! This was the the sixth in the popular string of Buddies movies from Disney, complete with Rosebud, B-Dawg, Budderball, Buddha and Mudbud…but exploring Egypt!

And be sure to check out our free printables featuring the Buddies! You’ll find all these printables here on DogTipper:

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Disclosure: Disney provided the prize for this giveaway.

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  • andie

    No, I think it’s fine…so far!

  • dawn rasor

    It’s a concern. I know it can be very serious for them to gulp down their food-we use small dog bowls so they can’t eat as fast. So far so good!

  • Deanna

    I worry that my dog doesn’t eat enough. She always has a big burp after she does eat so maybe she is going to fast.

  • Helga

    No they just need to not eat too much!

  • Lynda Cook

    no they don’t eat to quickly, it’s that they eat to much, especially my rotti she seems to be a piggy lately

  • Kelly Ann T

    He used to gobble everything down, but we got a special bowl to stop him.

  • ado

    our meows eat just about right

  • Charlene

    Yes, I have 1 dog that eats too fast.

  • Marilyn Nawara

    No, he eats at a normal speed

  • Christine Aiello

    No my dog actually is very slow at eating and sometimes you have to hand feed her to get her started! She’s a very picky eater!

  • Phoenixtl

    Sometimes they gobble.

  • Carolyn Colley

    my dog does sometimes, my cats don’t

  • Ruckus the Eskie

    I worry about that all the time!

  • minibea12

    At times that is an issue.

  • One of my dogs, Molly, really takes her time eating. I have to make certain no one takes her food as she nibbles throughout the day. My other dog, Nikki, has really be gobbling her food lately. It’s become so bad that I spread her food across a large pan. This way she can only get a few pieces at a time.

  • Jennifer Leigh Dace

    Yes. I try to split up meals and I thought about getting one of those slow down bowls for him.

  • Yusuf Nasrullah

    Oh yes! He gobbles it up like a wolf!

  • katsrus

    Sometimes I do.
    Sue B

  • Karen Yawn

    I don’t worry about it too much because I monitor how much he eats so if he gobbles it up then he has to wait until the next meal time to eat again. Amazingly enough, he has learned to slow it down.

  • Rachel T

    No. Never. She’s so slow.

  • Shelley Joy P

    Sometimes I worry that my dogs eat too quickly. They think it’s a competition.

  • scottsgal

    yes we have a neater feeder because she’s a big dog and I worry about bloat

  • Janette Hartje

    Yes! Only treats though, he’s like a mini-hoover & nothing I’ve tried yet has gotten him to slow down!

  • Heather Bridson

    I do worry that my dogs eat too quickly.. but if Vinnie doesn’t finish before Rosie she gets upset and goes after him

  • Wen Budro

    No- I don’t think that my dog eats her food quickly….treats- yes.

  • Jaime Brown

    I don’t think my pups eat too fast yet. Thank you:)

  • Linda Meyers Gabbard

    No our dogs eat at a normal to slow pace.

  • Lesley F

    Only when they swallow their treats whole

  • desithebonde

    both of them act llike it going to be gone quick

  • Jessica c

    No I have never worried about that with my dog