Giveaway: Enter the $100 #SkypeSavvyChallenge


What’s your favorite Skype trick? Do you use Skype for anything a bit unconventional? Here’s your chance to share…and, in the process, maybe win a $100 prize!

As one of nine Skype Ambassadors (I’m Pets…but you probably guessed that!), I’m taking part in the #SkypeSavvyChallenge…and challenging YOU to share your favorite way to use Skype!

How do you use Skype? To check in on your pets? To talk to your dog? To interview pet sitters? To give your significant other instructions on feeding the pets while you’re gone? We want to hear about it, pet-related or not! Each of the nine ambassadors will be selecting a winner in their field so be sure to share your favorite Skype uses in other areas, too, including music, fashion, movies and more!

One lucky community member will win a $100 prize that I can select. (And I’d love to hear your ideas for a great prize for pet lovers valued about $100…please leave a comment below with your suggestions!)

My Favorite Way to Use Skype

I also use Skype in a somewhat unconventional method: I check in on our pets when I’m away. It’s not complicated! Here’s a quick rundown of how to use Skype to monitor your pets:

  1. Create a separate Skype account for your pets.
  2. Make yourself a contact for your pets in this new account.
  3. Go to the Preferences tab and, under “Calls” set this account to answer automatically. (That’s why you want a new account…you don’t want your dog chatting all day with your other friends who might call in!)skype-answer
  4. Click the “configure” button on that same screen. You’ll next see a popup; select that you’d like it to “answer automatically with video.”skype-video
  5. Make sure your computer is plugged in and that your computer is set to never sleep.
  6. Position the computer camera to view an area where your pets are often found (like their favorite beds). You’re set!

Now it’s your turn! We want to hear how YOU enjoy using Skype! Whether you use Skype to stay in touch with your parents’ dog in another town or let your brother who is stationed overseas see his dog you’re keeping for him, we want to to hear about it!

How to Enter

On Twitter, Instagram, or your favorite social media platform, share your favorite way to use Skype and be sure to include the #SkypeSavvyChallenge hashtag!


Who Can Enter: everyone age 13 and over with a valid email address and Skype account; void in Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria and where prohibited by law.

How often can I enter? Once per day, as long as each entry is unique

Deadline for Entering: July 15, 2014 at 11:59:59 PM PT

Complete Rules:

 This giveaway is sponsored by Skype.

About Paris Permenter

Paris Permenter is the founder and co-publisher of LT Media Group LLC. Along with her husband, John Bigley, she edits,, and has authored over 30 books on pets and travel.

  • RitaMeow

    Besides using Skype for interviews for jobs & pet sitters as you advised above, my favorite way to use Skype in a pet capacity has been to familiarize my pets (2 cats and a dog) to new situations/places…such as visiting a relatives house for the first time, a pet sitter, pet daycare and even outdoor parks and such. It has really helped when visiting relatives…my dog particularly has responded to people’s voices and faces when she has met them on Skype before we go to visit. Stella can be a bit nervous in new situations and new situations dont seem so new anymore once I’ve been able to introduce her on Skype! It has also been helpful b/c for a period I was home bound and Stella wasn’t walking so well with other people and when I’m on Skype and when she can both see and hear me, it has given confidence that mom is still close and keeping her safe even when I physically haven’t been able to be there. Thanks so much for sharing this giveaway with us and sharing a new to me way to check in with my girl when I’m not home.

  • I had so much fun entering! What a great contest! Thank you for the chance. -@OliveTulips