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Does your dog pull on the leash? If so, you’re not alone. Leash pulling is a very common problem…and one that you can solve!

ask-alecia-holisticJust last week on the DOG TRAVEL EXPERTS radio show, Tracie Hotchner and I interviewed Alecia Evans, owner and inventor of the Walk In Sync training method, about leash pulling and other issues when traveling with a dog. Please be sure to listen to Alecia’s interview for tips on solving your common problems with your dog as you get ready for this summer’s travel!

Well-known to DogTipper readers for her Ask Alecia column here for the past several years, Alecia is a holistic dog trainer, author, and the inventor of the Walk in Sync. This front-clip harness is designed to be ergonomic for your dog as well. Alecia drew on her holistic background and chiropractic experience to develop a harness that works with your dog to be comfortable and to help the two of you literally walk in sync.

On the Walk in Sync site, you’ll find some great 5 Minute Makeovers, videos that show real life examples of how the Walk in Sync is helping to solve training problems:

Would you like to try out the Walk in Sync yourself? One lucky reader will win a Walk in Sync!

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  • Roseanne Coggan

    Would love to have this for one of our dogs we are trying to train not to pull.

  • Roseanne Coggan

    Biggest problem we have in no pull training is distractions from his favorite things frisbees and any type of ball

  • RitaMeow

    The command leave it and barking out the window at our neighbors.

  • Helga

    Biggest challenge is to come when called. She just bolts into the street, very dangerous.

  • Theresa Spaid

    The biggest challenge is trying o keep them walking by me instead of pulling me.

  • Chrystal D

    Mine is getting them to NOT pull me!

  • girlonthem00n

    Our biggest challenge is keeping her confidence up in herself and us. She does great then one thing will spook her and it’s us being pulled all the way home.

  • Jim Hayes

    Getting him to not pull me on our walks. He’s a very hyper dog.

  • Mallory H.

    We’ve got pullers and barkers 🙂

  • Lynda Cook

  • Bianca

    My 1 year old Corgi, gets really excited and pulls when she sees other people and dogs, I have yet to find anything that helps with this.

  • S A

    Sometimes he is easily distracted and really into things so sometimes it is hard to get him to resume walking or ignore distractions on walks.

  • Linda Szymoniak

    I have five rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds. If you’ve ever had hound, you know they like to follow their noses. I’ve had to work with four of them (the fifth is my senior girl and she’s just not up to pulling any more) and with harnesses I’ve managed to get three of the other four to stop pulling, but my deaf girl, Ran, just won’t stop. Since she can’t hear and when she’s excited on walks and following her nose, she tends to not “check in” for visual commands. She’s the one I need the most help with.

  • Jennifer Leigh Dace

    My biggest challenge with my australian shepherd is that his energy level is way, way higher than mine. I have to let him blow off some of that energy so that he will focus on the task at hand. He is very smart so we do get things accomplished. It is new for me to have all this energy from a dog, but I love it!! We do lots of fetching and we train and compete in disc dog competitions.

  • Carol Denny

    The pulling when we go walking

  • Mel Borhi

    Litter training definetely there were so many accidents until she was fully trained

  • Joy Deschaine

    not being so fixated on some other dogs

  • Evelyn Chuter

    It would have his interest in other dogs and not dragging me along on the lease.

  • Shelly PoochparkWear

    Would love it as Layla is stubborn and she decides the directions and if she does not get her way she sits and does not move

  • sherry butcher

    Blackie is a fast starter I’m not. I work with him to slow down so we can walk together.

  • Joanne Gregory

    My biggest training problem is his dog reactivity. We have never gotten past it so we tend to stay home.

  • Ruckus the Eskie

    Trying to get Ruckus to focus during training sessions is a big issue

  • dawn rasor

    Izzo needs work on his recall. He tunes me out

    • Angel

      My husband does the same thing to me

  • Leela

    Barking way too much sometimes.. nothing major.

  • Jerry Cartwright

    My biggest problem with trying to train my dog is him wanting to snatch me all over the country.

  • My biggest problem is teaching him better leash manners and how not to be so excited when he is out walking and socializing. He loves attention a little too much

  • Shelley P

    My biggest training challenge with my dogs is training them not react to other dogs.

  • CarolynH6

    Barking for the slightest sound.

  • Cathy Anderson Burnett

    My biggest concern is getting her to let me know when she needs to go potty.

  • Deena

    My biggest challenge is his pulling on leash.

  • Tanya White

    my biggest challenge is keeping him out of the garbage.

  • Natalie

    My biggest challenge is keeping him from stepping on my feet.

  • Cara LeAnn Harmon

    So far just teaching her not to pull on her leash, so it would be great to win this 🙂

  • LyricInTime2803

    My biggest training challenge is barking!

  • CandieL

    My biggest challenge is potty training and barking at everything that moves

  • Wen Budro

    My biggest challenge is her pulling on the leash. When she sees a cat, dog, bird, squirrel….she just about takes my arm off or pulls me into a ditch. I adopted her at 3-years-old so her habits were formed before I got her.

  • Buddy Garrett

    My biggest challenge is getting him to walk on a leash.

  • Sue J

    One of my problems is his barking when he’s not supposed to!