#WhosYourDaddy Results – And Winner Announcement!

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It’s finally the day you’ve all been waiting for…the results of the Wisdom Panel DNA test for DaVinci, the rescue dog who inspired the nonprofit The DaVinci Foundation for Animals and an entire movement in Detroit to help homeless dogs and educate everyone about the importance of being kind to and caring for dogs.


As we told you about in the giveaway post, little DaVinci (on the right, above) was just hours old when he was found. His mother was still pregnant with his littermates. While his mom appears to be a dachshund, who was his daddy?

Well, the results are in! Drumroll, please…

DaVinci’s breed heritage is:

  • long-haired dachshund
  • wire-haired dachshund
  • puggle (pug and beagle)
  • Japanese Chin

Wow! While the puggle wasn’t a surprise, Japanese Chin really caught us by surprise! If you’re not familiar with the Chin, here’s a purebred from Wikipedia:

Japanese Chin dog

Not at all like short-haired DaVinci!

Finding out your dog’s breed mix is fascinating; Tiki’s Wisdom Panel brought back really surprising results, too. Congratulations to DaVinci for finding out more about his heritage!


And one lucky reader is winning their own Wisdom Panel dog DNA test!

The winner is Ellen W who sent in a photo of her dog as an entry: “My special girl. High drive, athletic, sweet, people-lover, long legs, brown nose, 21 pounds.” What breeds will make up this beauty? Stay tuned and Wisdom Panel will find out!



Photos of DaVinci courtesy The DaVinci Foundation for Animals

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