Fido’s Freebie Friday Recuperates from ACL Surgery #WorkLikeaDog


This past week has been one of rest and recuperation for Irie as she heals from last Monday’s TPLO surgery for her torn ACL. She’s still in the cone but we head back to the vet on Monday morning to get the staples removed and the cone off…hooray!

As we’ve launched the Zuke’s #WorkLikeaDog Twitter party preparations this week, it has made us think of the many jobs that dogs enjoy. For Irie, that job right now is definitely that of getting better. Along with staple removal, on Monday we also have an appointment with a physical therapist to begin Irie’s rehabilitation to make sure her right leg regains its strength. I’m not sure yet what form that rehabilitation will take, whether it will be hydrotherapy, massage, or some other form of physical therapy.

For now, though, that rehabilitation is an important job for Irie. She has been such a trooper during this ordeal. As you know, she’s a fearful dog. Last Monday night was the first night she’s spent away from home without us. (We never board her if we’re not able to travel with our dogs; we always have a pet sitter.)


But she has been amazing. I know the cone is probably worrisome to her but she’s been such a champ, quickly learning how to eat and drink with the cone in place. Last Friday, she began 5-minute walks a few times a day. She loves those little walks and the chance to get outside. Sometimes we just go sit outside and enjoy the smells and sounds. She’s a wonderful reminder to me to just step away from the computer, get out, take a breath, and BE for a few minutes.

FFFNewNext week we’ll give you an update as we start her rehabilitation. I know it’s a long recovery period–12 weeks in all before she resumes regular activity–but we’re so happy with the progress she is making! It has been a learning experience for me, too, as I learn more about physical therapy–and patience–as we work through this three-month period.

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