Win Pro Pet Works Natural Oatmeal Pet Wash Shampoo + Conditioner (2 winners!)

Bath time for the puppy dog

Are you ready to make a clean start in the new year? Pro Pet Works offers natural solutions for pet families including the Oatmeal Pet Shampoo and Conditioner, recommended by veterinarians. Featuring organic and natural ingredients, this shampoo is formulated to soothe your dog’s skin while naturally freshening his coat, deodorizing and eliminating odor.
Vet, dog, pet.

We know that DogTipper readers are always in search of natural products so we’re excited about bringing you this giveaway for two winners to each receive a bottle of Oatmeal Pet Shampoo and Conditioner!

This hypo-allergenic shampoo is specifically formulated for pets with allergies to food, grass and flea bites. The coconut and almond oils were selected to fight and soothe dry, itchy skin. Made in the USA with Vitamin A, D and E, this shampoo is Paraben-free and cruelty-free with no soap and no detergents.

In the words of Pro Pet Works:

Pro Pet Works is dedicated to the health of your pet. We believe that pets are members of our families. We strive to bring new solutions to the pet industry and “Natural” is our middle name.

Would you like a chance to win Oatmeal Pet Shampoo and Conditioner from Pro Pet Works? Enter in the widget below for the chance to be one of our two winners!

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  • Tracee Sule

    I bathe my dogs every couple weeks. My oldest has skin allergies so I have to be careful what we use for her.

    • Jacob Hill

      This shampoo will soothe and help heal those reactions from allergies. You really should try it Tracee.

  • Linda

    I bathe my dog every few weeks, whenever he needs it!

  • Charles Goode

    Twice a year Happy New Year’s

  • Charlene

    When needed, usually every other month.

  • Sherri

    I should bath my schnoodle Victor once a week, but it’s more like every other week

  • Jan Roberts

    It depends on the time of year, but my Poodles get bathed about every 2 weeks to keep them looking fab, and my Pugs usually once a month

  • SGilbert

    In the summer time more often because they are in a swimming pool so it could be every other day. Fall about 3-4 times because of the mud they et into. During our winter weather it might be 2 times. Spring 3-4 because of the mud and dirt!

  • Lisa F.

    I bathe the dogs when they need it, so some more than others. Ultimately not more than a half dozen times a year.

  • Allison Hoffman

    My dog only gets bathed every once in a while when he gets professionally groomed. Even though I know I should do it more regularly- he is just so hairy!

  • Dagmar

    Usually once a month!

  • Linda Szymoniak

    My dogs usually get bathed about once a month during warm weather – less often when it’s cold (mostly as needed then).

  • Leslie Lynne

    Usually once a month, unless needed sooner.

  • Gloria Walshver

    Once a month or longer

  • Donna L.

    Once a month

  • lsglickman

    Twice a month

  • Dawn rasor

    I have rough collies and bathe them about 5 times a year. They have to be blonde dry and I do it outside so no baths during our cold Michigan winters. I use a wash cloth with very diluted sudsy water and rub it all overy them between baths. And I do a lot off brushing all year round.

    • Dawn rasor

      I meant blown dry. Not blonde dry.

  • Lisa Williams

    I shampoo my dog once or month,sometimes twice if he has gotten dirty in mud and or rain,or going to the bathroom.

  • Danielle Murgia

    I shampoo about once a month unless she is really filthy.

  • Brittany Nichole Clendenin

    My husky gets bathed once every 3 months, but my little ones get bathed all the time bc they like to roll around in smelly poo and gross dead things so having something that won’t dry out their skin would be amazing!

  • Lolly Winne

    We only shampoo our dogs when they get visibly dirty or smelly because they have such sensitive skin and shampoos are usually too harsh and only make them itch more.

  • Phoenixtl

    Every couple of months.

  • Christine Aiello

    I give Coco a bath every 2 weeks.

  • Misha Hunter

    Lacey gets a bath about once a month in the winter time. Summer can be more if she goes out and gets dirty.

  • Kathy

    every few weeks

  • Maura Scherrer

    I try to shampoo one dog each weekend, so that means 1 dog gets washed every 3-4 weeks.

  • Dusty Summerford

    I bathe my Daisy once a week!! She is a messy girl!!

  • Mary

    Usually every other week, unless they get muddy before then.

  • desithebonde

    depnd onweather king apom he need to bath at least once evry other week princess she chawaii wll she rollss in mud and stuff she get it more

  • L Kimiko

    They get bathed every other month or so unless otherwise needed sooner.

  • Jordan

    They get a bath every few weeks.

  • Suzanne

    Our Newfie has such sensitive skin that we bathe her sparingly. This looks promising.

  • Crystal Rose

    I wash him once a month.

  • Marla King

    About once a month unless he is really stinky.

  • melissa Resnick

    everyother week in the summer

  • Shelly PoochparkWear

    At the moment because of her allergies I have to bathe her once a week but want to stop that as I don’t want her to have a dry skin

  • Francine Silvester

    Rio gets a bath every other week. She’s a strange one, she actually loves the water!

  • Doris

    I usually shampoo him every 1-2 months.


    We bath our Pugs about every 3 weeks. There have been times they have bathe 2 days in a row because of how dirty they have gotten from when we go on long walks in an animal preserve. Lola my youngest just love to run into bushes and come back all stinky and sometimes muddy. She loves to roll on her back.

  • jeanette sheets

    once a week

  • Diana Johnson Huffer

    My Igor gets a couple a month… and he still doesn’t like it… 😉

  • Tina Eiser

    Every few months.

  • LeAnn Harbert

    They get a shower every 2 weeks

  • Wendy c g

    1 a month unless it’s summer then it’s 1 week

  • amy deeter

    shampoo about once a month

  • Stephanie Lehr

    I shampoo my CAT a few time a year. No dog currently.

  • CandieL

    we shampoo them at least once a week thank you

  • Daniel Scott

    We shampoo when they need it. They need it less in the winter than summer.

  • Laurie Murley

    i shampoo them once a week

  • LyricInTime2803

    I take them to the groomer every month or so.