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Regular readers of DogTipper know how much we like to give our Irie and Tiki bully sticks. Both dogs have fractured teeth on marrow bones so we’ve switched them to bully sticks for their chewing fun. It’s a move that protects their teeth from damage (and cleans them!), and Irie and Tiki act like puppies every time a bully stick appears.

If your dog loves bully sticks as much as ours do, don’t miss Bully Bundles. Bully Bundles provides a monthly delivery of 100% all-natural and low odor bully sticks. Pups and their parents can choose from 6” or 12” bully sticks and then also can choose the quantity of sticks they’d like to receive each month.

6-inch-and-12-inch-packagingThe pride that Bully Bundles has in their product shows, and makes you feel confident that you’re feeding a quality chew to your dog:

We work very hard to provide consistently high quality and low odor bully sticks. And we are extremely proud to source our bully sticks from free-ranging, grass-fed South American cattle that are raised without the use of hormones or antibiotics. We love our customers and they love us. See what they’re saying about us here.

Now one lucky DogTipper reader will win a bundle of ten 6” bully sticks AND a bundle of five 12” bully sticks!

Order Now to Receive by Christmas Eve!

Surprise your dog (or your favorite dog lover) with Bully Bundles under the tree; order by the end of the day Monday, Dec. 19 to receive Bully Bundles via US delivery in time for Christmas!

How to Enter

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This giveaway is sponsored by and fulfilled by Bully Bundles. As always, we only share products that we use in our own home with our dogs!

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  • Marla King

    He has not tried them yet, but I think he would love them.

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    We just tried Bully sticks for the first time about 2 weeks ago. They loved them!

  • Sheena Anderson

    We LOVE bully sticks but did not know about Bully Bundle. I am going to check it out!!!

  • Linda Szymoniak

    I was a bit leery about giving them to my dogs – at first (after all, I know what they’re made of). However, a friend gave me some for my dogs and they simply loved them!

  • Allison Hoffman

    My malamute Talou LOVES bully sticks! and he would love to share this prize with his brother and sister Eleanor and Stuart

  • Denise Miller

    The Pup has never had a Billy Stick, but I am sure he would love them!

  • Daniel Scott

    Artie and Kouga both love bully sticks. They become so excited when I give them one.

  • Ana Barg

    My dogs love bully sticks!

  • Helga

    They love them!

  • Jennifer A

    Dexter loves anything he can chew on!

  • Shelley Joy P

    Yes, my dogs love bully sticks!

  • both my dogs love bully sticks

  • Veronica

    My dog adores bully sticks!!

  • mullin77

    Our boy Bailey loves loves bully sticks he would eat them all day long if we let him
    Cathy Truman

  • Wen Budro

    My dog loves bully sticks. I love that bully sticks keep her occupied and happy.

  • AnnaZed

    Both of my dogs, Monty & Milo are big fans of the entire Bully Stick concept and all things related to long leisurely chewing sessions.

  • Jennifer Leigh Dace

    Yes both of my dogs love bully sticks.

  • They beg for a bully stick every day I am getting ready for work.

  • Anne Flickinger

    My dogs love bully sticks!

  • Ruth Epstein

    Layla loves them and hoards them for later days also BOL

  • Carolyn Cheek- Massey

    Yes my dog loves Billy Sticks. He thinks he needs a treat every time he goes out.

  • sandy weinstein

    my girls used to love them. but they cant have them anymore per the dental vet. no hard chews. they have very small teeth, have had root planing, gum graphs on the youngest gal. the oldest cant chew them anymore. however, i would like them to donate to the local pet food bank. thank you.

  • Maria B

    My dog has never had a bully stick. I be he would love to win so he could try one.

  • Vikki Billings

    yes, my dogs love bully sticks!!

  • Cheryl Aisoff

    Sophie dances backwards for bully sticks! We like the thick 6 ” ones to give her chew time! Makes her smile for the camera too!

  • Theresa

    Prudence LOVED bully sticks. I’ll be getting a new fur pal soon and I’m sure she or he will love them also!

  • Dawn Rasor

    My dogs have never tried bully sticks but I’m sure they will love them. Expecially Izzo who needs to chew.

  • Christine Aiello

    Yes she likes bully sticks.

  • LeAnn Harbert

    They haven’t tried them before but I think they will like them.

  • Christy Mesker

    My three dogs have never had bully sticks before, but I’m betting they would love them!

  • melissa crisp

    My dog has never had them but he lives treats so I’m sure he would.

  • desithebonde

    i get bully stick form pet smart and they love then

  • Tracy W

    My Pom, Kingston, loves bully sticks! He and I would be so grateful to win this 🙂

  • Judy Umansky

    Loves bully sticks

  • Marilyn Nawara

    All three of my dogs love Bully Sticks

  • Theresa Spaid

    It’s a little hard for my old girl but she does love chewing on them. The pup really likes them

  • Bella, Terra, and Kronos love bully sticks!

  • Tiffany Miller

    I’m not sure if mine like them since due to being pricey I’ve never tried. I’d love to find out.

  • desithebonde

    the dogs love them and then it were avibale
    for them closer since i have no place near

  • Susan Pertierra

    Mine love bully sticks and other treats.

  • tiffany dayton

    They love it all.

  • Shannon Burrows

    I’m sure they would be we haven’t tried them yet.

  • Andrea Tucker

    My dogs love bully sticks!

  • dh_jax

    Absolutely, my shelties love bully sticks. They would really enjoy these, thanks for the chance to win this awesome prize for my furkids.

  • Brandi Dawn

    My dog does love bully sticks! He is really patient with them too and makes them last a surprisingly good amount of time!

  • shirleye

    Sorry to say never tried bully sticks.

  • HTaylor

    These would be good for our new pup and all his teething!

  • Julie Dawson

    Absolutely! Mine live them!! They are great as a stress relief when we are at a show.

  • mitzi frank

    my girl loves them!! she’s small so she only gets half at a time….

    • Cheryl Aisoff

      Curious how small is your pup, Sophie’s 20 lbs but usually do half a time

      • mitzi frank

        Sweet Pea is a 13.5 pound JRT….

        • Cheryl Aisoff

          Tiny! We think Sophie’s part Jack but who knows.

  • Crystal McCord

    Yes, loves them 🙂

  • Roseanne Coggan

    Yes they love them

  • Valerie Wilson

    We have 5 Chihuahuas who LOVE bully sticks!

  • disqus_l7uUNjCwpe

    My dog Gracie totally loves bully sticks, I think they are her faves!

  • Ann Huston Mills

    New year, new treat!!

  • katrina kissinger

    yes she LOVES bully sticks

  • Kira Foster

    My jack russell pup loves bully sticks

  • BC Davison

    My dog loves them!

  • Maria Appleby

    We have never tried Bully Sticks, but we’ve heard good things and would love to try them!

  • Kathi Bolton

    My dog loves bully sticks!

  • Lesley F

    They go nuts for them

  • Tina Deming

    My little dog is obssssed with bully sticks!

  • Emily Endrizzi

    Yes! All our dogs love bully sticks!

  • Jessica Francis

    Pawsitively their favorite.

  • LyricInTime2803

    My dogs LOVE bully sticks!