Our Feathered Visitor! | Fido + Fluffy’s #FreebieFriday

Yesterday morning, Irie and Tiki were a little lazy getting out of bed–and it’s a good thing they were! In our yard was the largest wild turkey I’ve seen out here, pacing back and forth along the fence. The long-hanging branches were making him hesitant to fly, and he was nervous about leaving the safety of the tree cover to get out in the open and fly off.

Leaving the dogs indoors to eat their breakfast, I went out and opened our gates to see if I could walk behind him and encourage him to walk out. Well, as soon as I walked toward him, a second wild turkey flew off my office roof and buzzed over me, calling to her mate along the way.

She flew off toward our cisterns so I went indoors to see if perhaps she could convince her handsome boyfriend to leave the yard. By this time, Irie and Tiki had heard all the turkey calls, so they were indoors barking, peering out the front door windows.

As I was hoping, the turkey took his cues from the braver female and soon flew off!

That’s our excitement for the week–and now it’s time for a new Fido and Fluffy’s Freebie Friday blog hop that we co-host with To Dog With Love and CatTipper. Featuring giveaways for pets and pet lovers, this blog hop welcomes bloggers with pet-related giveaways.

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Good luck!

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