Win a Copy of Katherine Schwarzenegger’s New Children’s Pet Rescue Book! #MaverickandMe

A New York Times bestselling author, Katherine Schwarzenegger has written a 32-page hardcover book for little animal-loving readers ages 4 – 7 . Maverick and Me shines a spotlight on a homeless dog who gets to turn the page to a new chapter in his life through pet adoption.

Published by WorthyKids/Ideals in September, Maverick and Me tells the tale of one young pup’s journey from abandonment on the side of a road to finding a forever home of his own to love thanks to the many kind-hearted souls who put him on the road to a better tomorrow — the Good Samaritan who discovered him, the pet store owner who hosts a pet adoption event, and a little girl named Scarlett, who tells all her friends about pets in need and makes Maverick a part of her family.

Inspired by her years as a foster to dogs in need, as a pet parent, and as an ambassador for the ASPCA, the daughter of the movie idol/former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and journalist/activist Maria Shriver found her muse in her own Maverick, a mixed breed rescue dog found under a freeway who found his way into her heart and home.

Today Maverick Schwarzenegger (who can be seen as a pup thanks to the book’s illustrator Phyllis Harris, who is the proud pet parent to two rescue dogs) has found fame on the Internet via his very own Instagram account!

When announcing the news of the picture book’s arrival on her lifestyle website, the famous philanthropist told fans: “My goal with this book is to not only teach kids about the option of rescuing a dog but also about all the ways they can help the many animals in need. Whether you rescue, foster, spend time volunteering, donate supplies or just spread the word about the thousands of loving animals that need to find their forever homes; all of it is important and makes a huge difference in the lives of all these special animals.”

Katherine Schwarzenegger and Maverick:

Now one lucky reader will win a cop of Maverick and Me!

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