Help Dogs When You Travel

help dogs when traveling

It’s difficult–really difficult–to travel to many parts of the world and see the numerous homeless dogs that often roam the streets. In this growing section, we’ll cover ways you can help dogs when traveling. Often the best way is to help shelters and rescues at your travel destination, perhaps by working through your hotel or resort to volunteer, bring supplies, or even provide transport to a dog making his way to a rescue.

Adoptable Dog of the Day

Every day, we spotlight an adoptable dog (and an adoptable cat ) on our @HollywoodDogs Twitter account; follow along on Twitter or on our Adoptable Dog of the Day page here on DogTipper.

Celebrity Rescue News

Our celebrity rescue blogger Grace Sydney looks at ways the stars are shining the spotlight on rescues and animal welfare causes around the world. See our Celebrity Rescue News feed for the latest posts.

Rescue Tips

What to do if you find a lost dog

You’re out and about…and you spot a lost dog. What should you do?

Bringing a Dog Home from Mexico

Have you ever vacationed in Mexico and seen a stray dog you’d love to take home–but had no idea just how to accomplish that task? It’s a lot easier than you might think! We have tips from the director of Isla Animals in Isla Mujeres, Mexico about how you can adopt a dog in Mexico and bring him home with you.

Helping Dogs on Your USVI Vacation

One resort makes it super simple to help the homeless dogs and cats of St. Thomas, USVI. The Paws for Vacation package offered by Bolongo Bay Beach Resort helps vacationers adopt and animal and bring it home (or you can accompany a homeless animal to be picked up by a rescue in the States).