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Part of the joy of getting a new dog — whether a puppy or an adult dog that is getting a fresh start with your family — is selecting a name. While you’ll find many online directories that feature dog names arranged by names for male dogs and names for female dogs (or names for particular breeds or certain colors of dogs), we wanted to do something a little bit different.

We’ve got a whole directory of potential dog names here arranged by topic. Are you a big Sherlock Holmes fan? Have a look at some potential names for your new four-legged detective. Lord of the Rings? Harry Potter? We’ve got you covered. Or if your interests lie in travel, we’ve got ideas for place names that would be a fun fit for Fido.

We’ll be expanding this directory so please let us know if you have a special interest. We’d love to hear your suggestions for topics and for potential names!

Potential dog names inspired by food and drink

Candy and junk food | Fruits | Irish drink-inspired names

Potential dog names inspired by literary works

Harry Potter | Lord of the Rings | Sherlock Holmes

Potential dog names inspired by the silver Screen

James Bond movies | TV and movie dog names

Potential dog names for travelers

For Caribbean travel lovers | Europe

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