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Meet Adoptable Link whose kennel your purchases have sponsored!

Recently we shared a happy photo of super cute Prince when he was adopted from the PawZaar-sponsored kennel at San Antonio’s Animal Defense League. Well, the kennel has a new occupant: meet Link! Three-year-old Link is looking for his forever home. He reminds me so much of our Irie, especially around his eyes! Link is […]

Meet Prince! Your purchases have sponsored his shelter kennel!

Update: Prince has found his Princess and moved on to his forever home. We hope they live happily ever after!! We are SO excited to announce that, thanks to your PawZaar purchases last month, we’re sponsoring a dog kennel (and a cat kennel) at San Antonio’s Animal Defense League of Texas. The PawZaar kennel has […]

We’re Sponsoring a Shelter Dog Kennel!

Thanks to your purchases in our PawZaar store, we’re so excited to announce that the PawZaar community is sponsoring a dog kennel (and a cat kennel) at the Animal League of Texas for the next six months! This coming week we’ll find out just which dog is in our kennel, one of the 400 animals […]

Adoptable Dog of the Week: Ludwig in Minnesota

Greetings!  I’m Ludwig, as in “Ludwig van Dog-thoven”…but you can just call me Luds. Like the classical music icon I was named after, one day I plan on composing my own “Ode to Joy,” with my happy life in a forever home as inspiration.  What do you say…would you like to be my muse? If I […]

Adoptable Dog of the Week: Posh in Minnesota

Hi! My name is Posh, just like Victoria Beckham’s alter ego during her days with The Spice Girls. I’ve heard that my all-time favorite 90s girl group might be reuniting– if they need a new Posh Spice, this might be my big break! Actually, while the thought of life in the limelight might be appealing, […]

Adoptable Dog of the Week: Pigeon in Minnesota

Hi! My name is Pigeon, and I’ll be as happy as a lark when I find a forever family who will take me under their wing! I was found in an Oklahoma shelter, but I ‘flew the coop’ with help from Secondhand Hounds. I’m currently roosting in a foster home, and while I still get […]

Adoptable Dog of the Week: Zelda, Eden Prairie, MN

Hi! I’m Zelda. During my days in a Missouri shelter I was known as Bonnie Blue, but I felt that I needed a different name to better suit my bubbly personality. Now I’m called Zelda, just like that famous Flapper from The Jazz Age, Zelda Fitzgerald. The novelist I’m named after once penned the words “She […]

Adoptable Dog of the Week: Bueller, Beaverton, OR

“Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.” Hi! My name is Bueller, and that quote from my favorite movie is my motto in life. I guess you could say that Ferris Bueller is my spirit animal (or should that be spirit human?), and […]

Adoptable Dog of the Week: Sarge, Beaverton, Oregon

Ten-hut! If you are looking to welcome a dog into your heart and home and have chosen the option of pet adoption, I salute you! My name is Sarge, and I’m a ‘Major’ cutie. A big guy with an equally big heart, I’m 85 lbs. of pure fun! I’ve never met a toy I didn’t […]

#PawPromise Adoptable Dog of the Week: Malcolm

Hi! My name is Malcolm, but between you and me I think my moniker should be Pavarotti or Caruso, because– like so many of my fellow Treeing Walker Coonhounds– I long to be a great opera singer. Some people insist on calling the crooning of a coonhound baying, but if they listened closely they would […]