Meet Prince! Your purchases have sponsored his shelter kennel!

Update: Prince has found his Princess and moved on to his forever home. We hope they live happily ever after!!

We are SO excited to announce that, thanks to your PawZaar purchases last month, we’re sponsoring a dog kennel (and a cat kennel) at San Antonio’s Animal Defense League of Texas. The PawZaar kennel has its first occupant: meet super cute Prince!

Prince, who’s between five and six years old, is a petite pup at just 22 pounds. This miniature poodle says:

Being a companion to royalty is always good, right? And now you have a chance to be close to me, a Prince! As befits one of my station, I enjoy being carried around, but I also love mingling with the commoners and showing off my leash skills. I am somewhat picky about who I accept, but I let you know as you approach if I don’t approve of you, so you won’t waste your time. I do like most humans, so why not try your luck? The rewards are many.

Prince is one of the 400+ animals that call the Animal Defense League home on any day. Please take a moment and share Prince with your friends who might consider a trip to San Antonio to adopt Prince!

Ten percent of the proceeds from every PawZaar purchase help pets like Prince. And don’t forget that you can always use coupon code SUBSCRIBER to save 15% on your PawZaar purchases.


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  • Andrea Banner

    I could not be happier for Prince!! & his new owner! It just melts my heart & makes me cry for the love of dogs. This reminds me of my story of one of my rescues; it’s deja vu! My Raven could pass for his brother, age, weight, except he’s black; could be his brother for all we know. He is a true gift & a love bug.

    • Oh my goodness…I just found your comment and you are right…handsome Raven could pass for Prince’s brother!! I’m so excited that Prince has found his Princess and went to his forever home…HOORAY!!

  • Andrea Banner