Woof-Ah™ Bath Mitt

Product Name: Woof-Ah™ Bath Mitt

What It Is: bath mitt for use bathing your dog indoors or outside. The bath mitt is attached to a seven-foot-long hose:

The mitt can be used for bathing your dog indoors or outside. The kit comes with adapters for an outdoor hose (on left in photo below) or to a shower head, tub faucet, or shower hose indoors (white connector on right in photo below):

The mitt, which attaches with two adjustable straps across the back of your hand, has a palm covered with holes where the water comes out:

Manufacturer: PetZen Products, LLC

Where It’s Available: manufacturer’s website, Amazon.com, Drugstore.com

DogTipper Review: Bath time has never been very popular around here so we ordered the Woof-Ah the first day we read about it. In the summer months, we bathe our dogs outdoors but the sound of the hose has always been a little frightening to our dogs.

We opted to use the outdoor connection to hook the Woof-Ah up to our garden hose; the connection was very easy. The hose arrived very curled up so we placed it in the sun to de-curl for a little while (it didn’t take long in the nearly 100 degree heat).

When it was time for bathing, we found that the Woof-Ah was much quieter than bathing with the hose. The mitt has an on-off switch at wrist level to turn off the flow and save water while you’re working up a good lather.

The best part of the Woof-Ah was the palm of the mitt; each jet is surrounded by a mini-bristle so the brushing of your dog’s fur during the bath is pleasurable (and tangle free). The only drawback we found was the stiffness of the mitt; unlike the photos which show the mitt bent, our mitt is pretty rigid (although that might loosen with use). One thing’s for sure: we’ll be using this mitt with every dog bath in the future so it will get plenty of opportunities to loosen up!

Official Manufacturer’s Website:

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