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Product Name: Bully Sticks from

What It Is: all-natural bully sticks (pizzle) inspected and approved by USDA/FDA


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DogTipper Review: We pulled out the 12-inch, thick bully sticks on a rainy Saturday afternoon. A rainy Saturday that followed a rainy Friday. The dogs were restless and ready for distraction.

These bully sticks did the trick. Our dogs have had other bully sticks in the past but chewed through them too quickly (especially Irie, our lab mix). These, however, were substantial and slowed even our power chewer. For almost an hour, Irie happily gnawed at the all-natural chew; our smaller dog, 50-pound Tiki, chewed her bully stick for close to 90 minutes.

Best of all, we felt good giving the dogs a treat that’s good for them. Along with its USDA/FDA inspection, the chews are produced from free-ranging Brazilian cattle, have no preservatives or chemicals, and are low in fat. The bully sticks, which are excellent for the dog’s teeth and gums, are completely digestible unlike rawhides (which we no longer give to our dogs. Our dogs have a bad habit of chewing the rawhides until they get soggy then swallowing–or attempting to swallow–the rawhide, choking on them and gagging them back up. Besides the digestive issues, there’s just too big a risk of choking.) Bully sticks, however, are 100 percent digestible beef, much like eating jerky. Dogs eat them a little at a time until the entire stick is chewed through.

Along with natural bully sticks, also sells a variety of other natural chews and dog products for both large and small dogs: lamb ears, lamb weasands (gullets), lamb hearts, beef trachea, beef tendons and more. Although some, like lamb ears, are better sized for small dogs, our big dogs loved them as well (photo, right).

A definite paws up!

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