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forms2Product: Dog Care and Pet Travel Travel Stix™


What It Is: flash drive loaded with proprietary forms to be used by travelers who are traveling with or without their dog

DogTipper Review: Since we’ve spent 20 years as travel writers, we know all too well the paperwork you take with you when you travel, from itineraries to extra copies of your travel documents. And when you have pets, whether they’re traveling with you or staying at home in the care of someone else, you have even more paperwork to take with you, from contact numbers to veterinary information.

Now, however, the Travel Stix™ company simplifies that record keeping for pet loving travelers. The new Dog Care & Pet Travel Travel Stix™ is a flash drive preloaded with proprietary forms with enough storage capacity for you to add scans of your own documents as well.

Pop the flash drive in a computer’s USB port and you’ll have access to forms before you travel and, by traveling with the credit card-sized device, you’ll have access to it on the road, too.

forms4pets1The 2GB flash drive comes preloaded with forms for your use if traveling with your dog and for a pet caretaker if you’ll be leaving your dog at home. Pet sitters will appreciate the Pet Rules form, which includes information ranging from feeding and walking schedules to pet insurance information and veterinary contacts.

We thought the most valuable single item in the Travel Stix™ was the Pet Medical Authorization form, an excellent document that spells out both authorization and assumption of cost should your pet’s caretaker need to obtain medical care for your dog or cat. You can have this form notarized and leave a copy with the pet sitter, keeping the digital version on your flash drive.

Travelers taking their dog to Europe will appreciate the EU Form 998 for traveling with pets in the European Community.

The flash drive is large enough to add other information including a veterinary certificate and important veterinary information as well as a photo of your pet (which we always recommend traveling with in case your pet is lost).

Although some of the material found within this Travel Stix can be found elsewhere (and you can also buy hard copy forms through the site for $12.95 each if you just need one or two), the Dog Care & Pet Travel Travel Stix™ simplifies the paperwork and planning tasks for travelers…and for travelers these days, that’s something to wag about!

Price: The Travel Stix™ retails for $26.95.

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