FIDO Friendly Magazine Review

Title: FIDO Friendly magazine

What It Is: Bimonthly magazine devoted to dogs and traveling with your dog

DogTipper Review: As longtime travel writers, we’ve spent much of our lives on the move, pursuing assignments all over the U.S. and many overseas destinations as well. During many of those jaunts, our dogs had to stay home, since the majority of the hotels and attractions we covered had strict no-pet policies at that time. Although our pooches were well-cared for in our absence by “Grandpa” (Paris’ dad), it was always wrenching to see them sadly watching our departure as we pulled away for another adventure.

Thank goodness things are different now with more and more enlightened venues offering canine-friendly policies and amenities. Nowadays, we are often able to share our travel experiences with our dogs, particularly when we travel by auto.

Apparently, we aren’t the only ones to appreciate a growing dog-centric travel trend. released recently the results of its first annual Holiday Pet Travel Survey of more than 7,000 pet owners worldwide, finding that sixty-three percent of pet owners say they travel at least 50 miles with their pets during the holidays.

FIDO Friendly magazine, with its motto “Leave No Dog Behind®,” was one of the first publications to respond to the phenomenon and is still on the cutting edge, offering information and insight on hotels, restaurants, and visitor attractions in the U.S. and Canada which offer dog-friendly services. The magazine publishes both print and digital versions. Each bimonthly issue also includes regular features on health and safety topics, training tips and the latest fashion trends for Fido. We especially love the special rescue efforts of this magazine including its annual “Get Your Licks on Route 66” cross-country adoption tour!

For dedicated travelers like us who are also dedicated to their dogs, FIDO Friendly is a priceless resource.

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  • Yes, hotels and motels across North America are recognizing that pets are going to travel with their owners and if they want to be part of this growing phenomena they have to get on board. Many are offering special services for pets, with some even providing special beds, and treats for the pets. Pet owners, however, have to do their bit and confine their pets when they go out to dinner so that they don’t scratch the door trying to get to “mommy”. A pet carrier or soft-sided crate is a safe place for the pet, and will ensure that hotel owners continue to welcome us with our pets.