Review: Kona’s Chips

Product: Kona’s Chips

What It Is: healthy treats made in the USA from 100 percent USDA-inspected chicken, turkey, or beef

Manufacturer: Kona’s Chips™, a company based in California

DogTipper Review: In 2007, after Kona, a six-month-old Pomeranian, became ill after eating dehydrated chicken chips from China, his family set about creating a company to produce healthy American-made dried chicken breast treats and Kona’s Chips was born. All these treats are made from US-raised , USDA inspected, human grade meats. They’re all produced with no preservatives so, when received, they should be refrigerated.

The first product in the line was the Kona’s Chips™, a chicken jerky made from 100 percent USDA-inspected chicken breast. The dehydrated chicken is formed in thin strips, perfect for breaking into smaller treats:

We also tried the Chicken Krispies™, which is a soft treat made of ground chicken, again 100 percent USDA-inspected chicken breast from California. Because of it’s soft texture, it’s very easy to break into very small treats, perfect for training:

The Beef Jerky Strips are made from California-raised cattle. There’s no added sodium and the meat is 100 percent USDA inspected:

The Turkey Jerky is the thickest of the treats, made from dehydrated, 100 percent USDA-inspected turkey breast:

The last treat we tried may have been the favorite of Irie and Tiki: the Liver Licks™. These treats, about the size of a quarter, contain human-grade USDA approved chicken liver, barley and a hint of molasses:

Along with these treats, Kona’s Chips also produces Liver Licks KICKS!™, a liver treat with a natural joint supplement; Hearts and Bones™ Biscuits made from chicken and sweet potato; and Chicken Tuffies™, made especially for dogs who like to spend more time enjoying their treats and gnawing on them.

And what did our taste testers think? Both Tiki and Irie absolutely loved all the flavors of Kona’s Chips (so much so that they were hanging out right by the photo table as all these photos were shot!)

A big paws up from us for Kona’s Chips for their high quality ingredients…and from Tiki and Irie for their great taste!

Price: A 6-ounce bag of Kona’s Chips chicken jerky sells for $9.49.

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Disclosure: We received a sample pack of Kona’s Chips for our review; we were not paid for our review and all opinions are entirely our own.

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  • i just ordered some samples of this treat, they came in the mail fst, and my little black pom Béla (its def a perk that she looks like the dog on the package) loves them so much that she forgt to get up and bark at the door when i left because she was so into her Kona’s chips. She likes the beef best!
    i found these treats for the same reason they started making them, my little girl started getting really ill on the chicken and apple jerky treats that she loved oh so much, but now we found something new! and a lot healthier. my mother is going to get some kona’s too or her pup ! awesome treats 🙂