Review: IN Supplement for Dogs

Product: IN® Supplement for Dogs, Blue Label – Chicken Flavor

What it is: Daily dietary supplement for dogs

Manufacturer: ALC INovators, Inc., Milford, CT (Made in USA)

DogTipper Review: We love giving our dogs treats and often try to enhance their diet with good quality treats that actually supplement their diet. We recently tried IN® Supplement for Dogs from ALC INovators, Inc., a company that makes dietary supplement products for dogs and cats. The company, based in Milford, CT, has been marketing their products for two decades and offer several different supplement formulas including:

  • IN® Supplement for Dogs Red Label – Beef Flavor
  • IN® Supplement for Dogs Blue Label – Chicken Flavor
  • INHancer™ Hip and Joint Formula for Dogs – Green Label
  • INHancer™ Hip and Joint Formula for Dogs – Blue Label
  • IN® Supplement for Cats

All of their products are registered with the FDA and comply with USDA/APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) regulations.

After receiving a sample of their chicken-flavored supplement for dogs, we’ve been treating our dogs to the chewy morsels several times a day. The small size makes the treats very useful as training treats (and they’re easy to break apart into smaller treats as well):

IN Supplement nuggets are chock-full of beneficial vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and live enzymes designed to promote a dog’s general health and enhance their coat and skin. The formula contains lecithin and is cold processed (not cooked) to preserve the effectiveness of the vitamins, omega fatty acids and nutrients. The complete ingredient list is as follows:

Lecithin, Rice Bran, Oatmeal, Flaxseed, White Rice Flour, Chicken, Cod Liver Oil, Powdered Cane Molasses, Dried Eggs, Glycerin, Carrot, Celery, Beet, Parsley, Lettuce, Watercress, Spinach, Wheat Germ, Calcium Carbonate. Vitamin Supplements: Riboflavin, A, D3, E, B1, B12.

This formula contains no corn or wheat.

The supplement can be given as a treat (as we do with Irie and Tiki) or crushed and sprinkled over their meals. The company recommends one nugget daily for each 5 pounds of the dog’s weight.

IN Supplement for Dogs is a convenient way to enhance the health of your dog; there is no measuring or mixing or having to disguise a pill or a liquid; just use the nuggets as you would regular treats. Our dogs loved the chicken flavor!

Price: $43.65 for a 6-3/4 pound jar; smaller sizes are also available from the manufacturer’s website (below).

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Disclosure: We received a jar of IN® Supplement for Dogs, Blue Label (chicken flavor) to review; we were not paid for our review and all opinions are our own.

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  • Theresa

    Those sound awesome! I love healthy dog treats for my dogs! So often people get so worried about the dog food that htey forget the treats need to be healthy too.