Review: Avant Garde Retractable Leash from 26 Bars & a Band

Product: Avant Garde Retractable Leash

What It Is: retractable leash with matte finish

Manufacturer: 26 Bars & a Band

DogTipper Review: OK, we’ve said this before and we’ll say this again, right off the bat: we don’t use retractable leashes with our dogs. From a training perspective (and a perspective of enjoying the walk together), we don’t want our dogs far out in front of us rather than at our side.

However, we know that many of you use retractable leashes with your dogs so when the opportunity arose to review the 26 Bars & a Band Avant Garde Retractable Leash, we wanted to give it a try.

26 Bars & a Band has many styles of retractable leashes but they’ve just launched the matte series, part of the Avant Garde line of stylish leashes. New for this spring, these new styles will be available for shipping in March.

As its name suggests, the matte line features retractable leashes with a matte finish, which we LOVE. (Why everything, from cell phones to computer tablets can’t have this finish, we don’t know!) The matte finish not only looks stylish but it makes the leash much, much easier to hold. This rubbery finish can provide users a safer grip on the leash.

We were sent the Classic leash in the “keep calm” style; it is one of four new matte styles shown at right. From the sleek metro style to the crosswords style to the home is where the dog is style (complete with a sticker to mark your own place on the map), each is stylish. Each leash comes in two sizes: a 9-foot small leash for dogs up to 28 pounds and a 15-foot medium leash for dogs up to 48 pounds. The leash had a very good feel with its rubbery grip, easy to reach brake, and sturdy belt and buckle.

Regardless of the style, each of the Avant Garde retractable leashes features a 36-month warranty.

For lovers of the retractable leash with small- to medium-sized dogs, the 26 Bars & a Band matte retractable leash is stylish and provides an extra measure of security because of its easy-to-hold matte finish!

26 Bars & a Band also donates to various animal rescues and non-profit organizations.

Price: 26 Bars & A Band retractable leashes are priced from $29.95 – $38.95, depending on size.

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Disclosure: 26 Bars & a Band has provided this leash for review; we were not paid for our review and all statements and opinions are entirely our own.

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  • Kclarke

    I am looking for a new retractable leash for a dog that is 20 lbs….any suggestions where to get one and what kind???