Review: “It’s A Dog’s Life” Journal

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Product: It’s a Dog’s Life: A Journal of Our First Year Together

What It Is: a baby book for dogs!

Manufacturer: Knock Knock, distributed by Who’s There Inc.

DogTipper Review: Would you like a way to keep track of the milestones in your new dog’s life? Whether you’re bringing home a puppy or an older dog who is new to your family, your first year together is full of special milestones. It’s a Dog’s Life: A Journal of Our First Year Together helps you record those memories with 128 color pages of month-by-month sections.

You’ll find monthly pages such as this one…

…for recording the special aspects of your dog’s life, from the nicknames you’ve been assigning him to his typical day.

Informational sections make the book a good resource for new dog owners, too, with special sections covering emergency care, fitness, grooming and even communication…

We think this would be such a fun present for a friend who is welcoming a new dog into their home. A big paws up for It’s a Dog’s Life: A Journal of Our First Year Together!

Price: $20

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Disclosure: We received a copy of this book for review; we were not paid for our review and all statements are entirely our own.


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