Review: Doghouse Rock from Rockin’ Green

Product: Doghouse Rock

What It Is: eco-friendly, pet-friendly laundry detergent for pet beds and toys

Manufacturer: Rockin’ Green; made in USA

DogTipper Review: The calendar may say it’s still winter but it’s starting to feel like spring here…and that means spring cleaning! With temperatures getting up into the 90s here last week, that means cleaning all the heavy faux sheepskin dog bed covers before putting them away for the season.

Since our dogs have noses far, far more sensitive than our own, we don’t like to use perfumed detergents and softeners when washing their laundry. We want their bedding to be clean, not perfumed. Because of that, we were really interested in trying a new laundry detergent made especially for pets called¬†Doghouse Rock.

Along with the fact that it doesn’t leave behind any fragrance, we also loved that it’s a very green product (after all, it’s made by a company named Rockin’ Green!) This detergent is:

  • dye free
  • phosphate free
  • free of fillers
  • free of enzymes
  • free of optical brighteners
  • vegan
  • biodegradable
  • non-toxic

Even the packaging is recyclable so you can feel good about using it in your home.

The detergent doesn’t leave behind those softeners and fragrances that can actually attract dirt and serve as a breeding ground for bacteria, instead rinsing clean.

We tried it on a load of faux sheepskin throws, ones that the dogs just love. The throws weren’t super dirty so we first tossed them in the machine and did a warm rinse. Next, we added a couple of scoops of detergent and ran the throws through the wash cycle then rinsed. (For very soiled items, you can pre-soak the items, filling your machine with hot water and two scoops of detergent and soaking fabrics for 30 to 60 minutes before laundering.)

The result? Super clean throws that were ready to store until next fall. They smelled and looked clean, not perfumey. We’ve boxed them up and now we’re ready to let spring begin. A big paws up for Doghouse Rock from Rockin’ Green!

Price: $13.95 (25 loads)

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Disclosure: We received Doghouse Rock for review; we were not paid for our review and all opinions are our own.

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  • Sharon Gilbert

    Very interesting….I just might try it!

  • Christine A.

    same here, Sharon.