Review: Using the Kwikset SmartKey Lock

We’ve now had our Kwikset SmartKey lock from The Home Depot installed for a few days. And what do we think?

We are loving it. The very best part: NO KEYS when we go out on our twice-daily dog walks! We use the keypad and lock the door behind us then, when the walk is done, use the keypad to get back in the house. No toting keys (which isn’t a huge deal when we’re wearing jackets with pockets but once shorts weather hits, there’s the constant worry of where to put the keys AND the worry of losing the keys on our walk!)

We’ve found some other big bonuses:

  • even if we go out on a walk around the house and we go out the front door without locking it, we’re able to come in the back door using the keypad. No more going around the house to the door we exited.
  • if we’re out doing yard work, we’re able to come in the back door even though we hadn’t thought ahead to unlock it. (And no more yelling to the person in the house…usually in our second floor office…to unlock that back door!)

Of course, with the SmartKey technology, we can easily rekey and recode. The SmartKey technology allows us to rekey the lock itself.

Because we got the electronic keypad, we can give out the code to a neighbor and reset it when they no longer need access. We also thought of another big bonus: what if we’re out for the day and can’t get back home due to an emergency? We can always call our neighbors and give them the code over the phone so they can come in and feed our pets…there’s no need to give them a key ahead of time!

A big paws up for the Kwikset SmartKey Lock!

Tomorrow: Stay tuned for a giveaway from The Home Depot!

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