Review: happytails Canine Spa Line

Now that spring is here, we’re fighting the battle of the fleas. We use only natural flea prevention methods, from diatomaceous earth to nematodes to old-fashioned vacuuming and cleaning, and, so far, we’ve been largely successful. That’s not to say we don’t have the occasional flea…and, for Irie, that very occasional flea is all it takes to become an itching, scratching machine.

When the opportunity came to review some of the happytails Spa product line, we jumped at the chance. We love the fact that these eco-friendly, all-natural, cruelty-free products were ones we could feel good about using on Irie and Tiki.

We spoke with happytails specifically about Irie’s itching and they recommended four products from their line:

Sleepytime Tonic: Whether it’s anxiety caused by thunderstorms or a trip to the vet…or just nervous scratching (or gnawing) you need to calm, Sleepytime Tonic is a calming oral elixir. Administer just a couple of drops by mouth (or on a treat) to see relief in about 20 minutes. This all-natural tonic uses Bach Flower Essences and more. 1 oz/$13

Comfy Dog: This oatmeal conditioning shampoo uses human grade Colloidal Oatmeal, approved by the FDA for use in helping dry skin, insect bites and itching caused by allergies. The mildly-scented shampoo contains a cocktail of peppermint (which serves as both an antiseptic and a natural insect repellent), burdock (an anti inflammatory), Indian frankincense (great for sensitive skin) and calendula (to heal and soothe irritation). 9 oz/$14

Fur Butter (or Fur Worse): Use this in conjunction with Comfy Dog; after rinsing the shampoo, use Fur Butter like a conditioner but making sure to also massage it into your dog’s skin. Spend a few minutes on this massage then rinse completely. Fur Butter smells heavenly (it reminds me of a day at the beach) and includes moisturizing  Shea butter,  colloidal oatmeal, comfrey, callundula and aloe. 8 oz/$19

Itchin’ for Relief: This gentle spray helps control itching using Neem, Oat Extract, Litchi and Aloe to soothe irritated skin, Boswellia Serrata and Calendula help to reduce inflammation, and Grapefruit seed Extract to prevent bacterial and fungal infections. 6.7 oz/$17

We used all four in conjunction and they’ve worked wonders on Irie’s itching, starting with Comfy Dog and Fur Butter for a thorough and conditioning bath to help relieve her discomfort (and to make her smell great!)

We love all the products and our absolute favorite is Itchin’ for Relief. We absolutely love, love, love this product (and I don’t say that about many pet products.) I sleep with this bottle literally on my bedside table in case Irie starts to scratch in the night. (Yes, she sleeps right beside me.) Just last night, she woke up about 3am and started biting at her tail. I used Itchin’ for Relief and she immediately stopped scratching and returned to sleep.

Another aspect of Itchin’ for Relief that I love: its nozzle. Designed so the product goes directly on the spot where it’s intended, the nozzle is also very quiet (a big plus for dogs that are reactive to spray bottles). I love the fact that there’s no waste.

happytails has a large array of additional products to care for ears, eyes, dental needs, and more.

A big paws up for happytails Canine Spa Line!

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Disclosure: We received happytails Canine Spa Line products to review; we were not paid for our review and all statements are entirely our own.

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