Review: Toys “R” Us Pets Toys Exclusive to PetSmart

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Product: Toys “R” Us Pets™ dog toys

What It Is: line of colorful dog toys with a variety of textures, shapes and sounds; available exclusively at PetSmart®

DogTipper Review: In our home, Tiki and Irie are our kids. We get excited about their accomplishments, we document all their developmental stages with a million photos, and we strive to make their lives the best they can be.

So when we heard that Toys “R” Us had developed a line of toys especially for pets, we knew we had to review them! Available exclusively at PetSmart stores, the Toys “R” Us Pets™ line features colorful toys that challenge your dog not only to have a great time but to enrich his development at the same time, whether he’s a puppy learning good household manners or an older dog that you’d like to keep active.

We received five toys to review:

Toys“R”Us Pets Vinyl Tire and Rope Animal: This cute plush toy is really three toys in one: a plush toy with a squeaker, a rope chew toy, and a tire chew toy. Don’t just take our word that it’s fun for dogs, though; Dr. Sophia Yin, veterinary and animal behavior expert on behalf of PetSmart, notes that it’s attractive to puppies because of the variety it presents. “Puppies often have a short attention span for individual toys,” says Dr. Sophia Yin, veterinary and animal behavior expert on behalf of PetSmart. “So having a toy with different textures and surfaces will keep your puppy engaged for longer periods of time.” Of course, we’re always looking for economical ways to improve your life with your dog so we give this one a big paws up for its economical way to offer your dogs a variety of toys with one toy purchase.

Toys“R”Us Pets Patterned Body Canvas Caterpillar: This caterpillar is super cute with its bright, fun fabrics and it has multiple squeakers. Dr. Yin explains that squeaker toys can mimic sounds that trigger your dog’s hunting desire. “It’s just another way to engage them in doing something that’s natural to them. For dogs who love the sound, toys with five to six squeakers are a jackpot.”

Toys“R”Us Double Loop Tennis Ball/Tug Rope Toy: We laid each toy side by side and let Irie and Tiki select which toy they’d like. Irie chose this one and hasn’t let it go! With a rubber ball at one end and a tennis ball at the other, it’s great for a game of tug or fetch. We think this is a great toy for a multi-dog household like ours! It can also be a training tool. “Tug and fetch games can teach dogs impulse control if pet parents simply wait for pups to sit politely before each toss or bout of tug,” says Dr. Yin. “When people play the game this way, the dog learns polite behavior while having fun.”

Toys“R”Us Pets Wacky Water Bottle Cruncher: This crunchy water bottle toy, covered in plush and colorful fabric, was Tiki’s first choice from among the toy line. She has crackled and crunched the toy and continues to call it her own. (Watch her playing with the toy in the video below!)

Toys“R”Us Pets Dumbbell Treat: I think this toy might be my personal favorite. I’m always looking for toys that challenge dogs and this problem-solving treat toy does just that, regardless of your dog’s age. You can fill it with treats, kibble, or a mixture and watch your dog roll the toy and work to dispense the food. It’s a fun way to prolong the fun of the meal as your puppy or adult dog learns to solve the mystery of how to get the food out of the dumbbell. Besides challenging dogs, Dr. Yin also notes that toys like these can “slow down brain aging changes and onset of cognitive dysfunction in adult dogs.”

Irie and Tiki give the new Toys “R” Us Pets dog toys a big paws up…and so do we!

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Disclosure: We received a selection of Toys “R” Us Pets toys to review; we were not paid for our review and all opinions are our own (and Irie and Tiki’s!)

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