Review: JW Pet Interactive Treat Toys

Our dogs like toys…but, I have to admit, they like food better. Combine the two and you have a very popular dog toy in this household…and that’s just what the new JW Pet interactive treat toys are.

We received the Rockin Treat Ball™ and the Hol-ee Treat Ball™ to review, each a fun way to generate interactivity and play. Like other treat or food-dispensing toys, it’s also a great way to dole out food and to help prevent boredom.

The Rockin Treat Ball is made with tough nylon, the best choice of strong chewers. Its rigid white frame houses a treat tube with multiple openings.

The Hol-ee Treat Ball is softer, with a soft-sided blue frame for those with a gentler mouth. It also has a has a treat tube to hold kibble or treats. The Rockin Treat Ball will hold more food than the Hol-ee Treat Ball but the Hol-ee Treat Ball can dispense larger-sized food pieces.

The toys are certified non-toxic and have been tested by an independent lab for lead, antimony, arsenic, barium, cadmium, chromium, mercury, and selenium so you can give them to your dog without worry.

We loved these two new toys and they’ve been put to use many times since we started our review. Irie and Tiki give the JW Pet Interactive Treat Toys a big paws up!

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Disclosure: We received these two toys to facilitate our review; we were not paid to conduct this review and all opinions are entirely our own (and Irie and Tiki’s).

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