Back to School at Petco

Has school started in your home town? It just started today in this area so this week is a time of big change in many pet households. Does your dog notice the change in the back to school schedule?

To help pet families make the transition to the back to school schedule, Petco offers a lot of items that can help with everything from separation anxiety to those school lunches! In the video above, you’ll see two toys for separation anxiety that are available at Petco. Paw Hide Doy Toy Puzzle, an interactive puzzle that challenges your dog, is designed to relieve boredom. As you’ll see in the video above, Petco also toys for separation anxiety for cats plus items for small pets, like the Marina Betta Kit for classroom pets.

For “school lunches,” there’s also a big selection of quality pet foods such as Nutro ULTRA™ Holistic Dog Food, made with high-quality proteins, antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables, whole grains and healthy oils. As you know, we’re members of the Nutro Knowledge Network and highly recommend this quality food! You’ll also find many quality cat foods at Petco as well like Royal Canin. Right now on CatTipper, we’re reviewing the new Royal Canin Spay/Neuter Food for cats.

Disclosure: We received the products in the above video for review from Petco.

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