Does your dog ever make you laugh with his or her cartoonish behavior? I know that ours do…so when the chance to get a portrait of one of our dogs done by Cute Cartoon Portraits, I couldn’t resist!

Cute Cartoon Portraits features the artwork of Joanna Goldman, an artist who creates your pet’s portrait based on a photo you send her.

The process was quick and easy:

I emailed Joanna several photos of Tiki then she wrote me back and asked me a little about Tiki’s personality. I told her that Tiki is a super friendly, happy dog and loves to smile. She is our main “model” on DogTipper and knows when the camera comes out that it’s time to work!

Before I knew it, she sent me back Tiki’s cartoon:

I just love it…and I love that one of our readers will have the chance to win their own pet portrait! Stay tuned for our giveaway this week…but, in the meantime, start choosing the photo you would like to enter!

Price: Cute Cartoon Portraits are priced at $80 for one pet; that includes an 8.5″ x 11″ print of the final product.

Coupon code: Cute Cartoon Portraits is offering a special coupon code for our readers. Visit and enter in code 25OFF at checkout to get 25 percent off your entire order!

For more information:

Disclosure: We received a super cute cartoon of our own to facilitate our review but all opinions are strictly our own. We were not paid for our review.

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  • OliviaRubin

    these are really adogable, love the vibrant reminds of jimmy neutron or fairly odd parents from Nickeldeon