Review: Urban Potty

As you’ll remember, earlier this year we were official pet bloggers for Apartment Guide. During that period, we were always on the lookout for products and tips specifically for apartment dwellers. Since we live in the country, we spent a lot of time talking with apartment-dwelling pet lovers and finding out what their biggest concerns were. Among the dog parents we talked to, one of their biggest concerns was nighttime potty runs.

Cats have litter boxes but dogs typically go outdoors for potty stops…but what about when nature calls at 2am and you’re in a high-rise apartment? Do you want to quickly rush your dog to the elevator and run down stand out on the city streets in the dark?

Or what about when the weather’s bad? Do you want your grandmother to have to take her dog out in the ice for a potty run before you can run over and de-ice her steps? No. Urban Potty also recommends their product for puppies who haven’t yet received all their puppy shots; we think it would similarly be beneficial for dogs recovering from illness or surgery. At just 4-1/2 inches high, the potty is easy for injured dogs to step onto.

With those concerns in mind, we’ve been on the lookout for a solution for urban dog parents and found one: Urban Potty. When Urban Potty asked if we’d like to review their product, we jumped at the chance because this has been very much in our mind during the past year.

The Urban Potty is designed as an indoor dog potty and features:

  • Potty Turf™, a synthetic turf designed for quick draining so your dog doesn’t wind up with wet paws
  • a center-sloping/draining tray design
  • a virtually enclosed waste container system with a cap to make waste disposal easy

Assembling the Urban Potty was super simple. First, I unpacked the waste container system. It includes a cap; I unscrewed the cap from the corner and placed it in an indentation especially made for the cap. (You’ll use the cap when taking the waste out for disposal.)

Next, I put the funnel into the corner opening:

The Urban Potty gets lowered over the waste system next, with the center hole in the potty lining up with the funnel:

The center hole is the lowest point in the potty so liquids drain to the center and into the waste collection system below:

The final piece is the synthetic turf:

The turf can be thrown in the washer; Urban Potty estimates a 15-year lifespan for the turf (although you can buy replacement turf). They recommend spritzing the turf with water to rinse it; solids are removed and disposed of just as you would with solids on the street.

The waste collection system, sloped tray, and no-absorbing turf are what we think sets the Urban Potty apart. We know on our Facebook page during the Urban Potty giveaway last month, one reader complained that we were highlighting such an expensive product (it’s priced at $289.99 although it’s presently on sale for $219.99) and said that dog lovers should simply use a piece of turf and a plain tray. That’s, of course, always an option BUT that’s going to mean soggy paws and a messy cleanup as you pick up wet turf and try to drain urine and clean-up water from the tray to a disposal container or the toilet. We like that the Urban Potty handles the draining and turf drying for you, simplifying cleanup. Also, Urban Potty has done an interesting price comparison of the cost of pee pads and the Urban Potty.

For urban dog lovers and those with health and safety concerns on icy winter days, we give the Urban Potty a big paws up!

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Disclosure: We received an Urban Potty for review; we were not paid for our review and all opinions are entirely our own.

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