2012 Gift Guide: Kyjen Gingerbread House Puzzle

We love toys that keep our dogs busy…especially when bad winter weather rolls around. Toys that encourage your dog to think serve as exercise for your dog and help relieve boredom on days when you’re just not able to get out and enjoy your usual activities together.

Because of this, we wanted to highlight the Gingerbread House Puzzle from Kyjen in today’s gift guide. This toy is more than just a plush toy for him to enjoy; it’s also a puzzle designed to encourage your dog’s natural instinct to hunt and stalk its prey, developing his intelligence and problem-solving skills!

The toys is composed of four parts: the plush gingerbread house, the “gingerbread” man, a bone and a ball. Stuff all the smaller toys inside the house to encourage your dog to remove the pieces one by one, keeping him busy and happy!

Price: $16.49

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Disclosure: Kyjen provided this prize for our review.

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