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Pet owners: Whenever dogs, cats and other animals are present, you know nasty odors often follow. OdorXit products are the key to eliminating them.

If your pet is constantly leaving his urine and mess in all the wrong places, has a general musty odor or has run into the wrong end of a skunk, take a tip from many pet groomers and self-service dog washes: they turn to OdorXit Concentrate and Magic.

These products will eliminate and disinfect—not mask—those odors almost instantly, making it the odor removal product of choice for the pet grooming industry.

Owners will receive the same benefits, as OdorXit will eradicate even the longest-standing, hard-to-reach odor from pets.

How to Order & For More Information

If you have odor issues with your pets, contact OdorXit at (877) ODORXIT or (877) 636-7948 for help on your odor issues and to place an order.  Or go to to www.odorxit.com OdorXit is available through delivery via Federal Express. To order, visit http://odorxit.com/?Order

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Need Help Removing Pet Odors?

Experts on the toll-free line will take pet owners through the process of ridding nasty scents from their homes, making it easier to live with their beloved pets.

“Whether the stench arises from pet urine, skunk, mold, mildew or nearly any other odor,” says Martin Meyer, president of OdorXit, “treatment with OdorXit Concentrate will eliminate these odors quickly without damaging carpet, washtubs, tile or any other surface or fabric.  For animal body odor, spraying OdorXit Magic on your dog after a bath will rid the dog of body odor smell for up to two weeks.  You don’t need to spray it every day.  They are both safe and easy to apply.”

Mandy Watts, the owner of Mandy’s Dog O’Mat in West Chester, Ohio,  has used OdorXit for her business for the past three years and two years for personal and business applications. During a typical week, her business takes in 115 dogs for self-service washing and it handles 80 dogs for grooming.

“It works well,” she says. “I spray it on the building, in our tubs where we wash dogs, on the dogs themselves, and for ‘de-skunking.’ At home, I put it in our washing machine and spray it on our carpets. It’s easy to use and is a perfect fit for what we do.”

Not a masking agent, OdorXit Concentrate permanently blocks the production of undesirable gasses that cause odors, as long as it comes in direct contact with all of the odor-producing materials. OdorXit Concentrate works best on hard surfaces and fibrous materials. It breaks down the molecules in the odor and it works for a long time.

The “OdorXit Wizard” at www.odorxit.com will show pet groomers how to choose the correct product and application technique.  There, the “Wizard” recommends the right mix to correct such smells as:

  • Bathroom odors
  • Pet urine odors
  • Odors from litter boxes
  • Vomit odor
  • Baby diapers and pails
  • litter box odors
  • vomit/rotten food odors
  • excrement odors
  • “wet dog” odor
  • mold and mildew
  • skunk spray odors

OdorXIt Video

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