2012 Gift Guide: Thundershirt

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One of the most frequently-asked questions we receive here at DogTipper is regarding thunder phobia. Thunder–as well as fireworks, gunshots, and other loud sounds–frightens many, many dogs…including our Irie.

Last January, we reviewed the Thundershirt, putting it to the test on New Year’s Eve with Irie. Since that time, we’ve pulled out the Thundershirt and put it to use any time there’s a storm on the way (the trick is to get the Thundershirt on your dog before he or she is already frightened by thunder). We used it on the Fourth of July when we knew the fireworks would upset Irie. We’ve been super happy with the performance of the shirt; it’s easy to put on Irie and, as long as we get it on before she become too worried, we can definitely see relief in her stress levels!

Price: $39.95 (additional charge for colors other than gray or for customized embroidery). A full refund is offered (minus shipping and handling) if you are not happy with the use of the Thundershirt.

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Disclosure: We received a Thundershirt to facilitate our review.


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