2012 Gift Guide: Elevated Pet Bowl Holder by PetFusion

This week we’ve been telling readers about PetFusion’s feline products on our sister site, CatTipper. The company, long known for its stylish cat products, has recently began marketing dog products as well, beginning with its Elevated Pet Bowl Holder.

This handsome feeding and watering unit is designed to make mealtime easier for a dog by elevating the bowls above floor level, particularly useful for a dog with mobility issues or with medical conditions such as arthritis. Reluctant eaters may also respond positively to having a raised feeding platform.

Like the other PetFusion products we have seen, the Elevated Pet Bowl Holder is extremely well made from quality materials. With its anti-slip feet, it remains very stable during feeding. Internal bowl stabilizers are designed to keep the stainless steel bowls from moving or spinning while in use. The bowls are easily removed for washing by hand or in the dishwasher. The unit is finished nicely in a warm, natural pine color and the wood is treated to repel water absorption.

The Elevated Pet Bowl Holder comes in two sizes to accommodate larger or smaller dogs. The Short size could also be used by cats.

  • Tall size measures 20.8″ wide x 10.4″ deep x 10.1″ tall; weight 6 pounds
  • Short size is 16″ wide x 8.6″ deep x 4″ tall; weight 2.25 pounds

With its polished furniture look, the Elevated Pet Bowl Holder provides an attractive option for doggie’s mealtime and is sure to find a place in many dog households. A big paws up to PetFusion for adding style to doggie mealtimes!


  • Tall $49.95
  • Short $29.95

Available online through Amazon.com.

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Disclosure: We received an Elevated Pet Bowl Holder for review.

Photo courtesy of PetFusion, LLC.

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