2012 Gift Guide: Gourmet Dog Treat Maker by Sunbeam

Looking for an easy way to whip up some fancy dog treats for the holidays? If so, you’ll appreciate the Sunbeam Gourmet Dog Treat Maker. This handy device is definitely a fun tool for the job of creating yummy treats for your own dogs or for baking gift treats for other dog households.

The unit is a compact clamshell device which opens to reveal four bone-shaped baking molds with a  non-stick surface. To use the Treat Maker just:

  • power up the unit and confirm that the red power light is own
  • wait a few minutes for the unit to preheat, signaled by a green “ready” light
  • mix up your ingredients and pour it into the molds then close the lid (cooking time will vary according to the recipe; most treats will be done in about 15 minutes)
  • remove the treats with a wooden or plastic utensil and allow treats to cool
  • clean the unit after use by wiping with sponge or soft cloth (the unit should not be immersed)

The Gourmet Dog Treat Maker is designed to create semi-soft treats, easier than hard treats for dogs to eat including puppies and older dogs. You can use your own treat recipes or if you need some inspiration, the instruction booklet includes some recipes to get you started. Additional treat recipes can be downloaded from the Sunbeam Pets website.

When not in use, the unit doesn’t take up much storage space as it only measures about 9 by 7 inches in size.

With this handy device, you’ll be cranking out delicious, nutritious treats in no time!

Price: The Sunbeam Gourmet Dog Treat Maker costs $29.99 at PetSmart stores nationwide (not sold online).

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Disclosure: We received a Gourmet Dog Treat Maker for review; all opinions are entirely our own.

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