2012 Gift Guide: SlimDoggy

Are you looking for a way to help your dog lose weight? SlimDoggy, a new iPhone app, can  help your dog “Be a SlimDoggy, not a Chubby Puppy!”

According to the founders of this innovative new app:

SlimDoggy, a “Nike + for dogs”, is based on our experience with Jack– a Yellow Lab that we rescued in August 2011.  He was 105 lbs. and on both Prozac (for anxiety & hyperactivity) and Rimadyl.  We knew we had to change his lifestyle and his weight to get him into a good, healthy state. Using some basic math and guidance from our orthopedic vet to figure out portion sizes and calorie targets, we had him on a diet and exercise program quickly.  Within 3 months, Jack was down to 85 lbs, off of both medications, and a happy and healthy dog, running with me 4 days a week for 30+ minutes and taking long walks on the off days.

Little did we know that there are a lot of dogs like Jack:  there are 41 million overweight/obese dogs in the US and the incremental cost in vet/medicine bills for this is an estimated $4 billion per year[1].  Upon learning these startling statistics, we decided to create an iPhone App based on our work and attack the dog obesity problem head on. Not only can we help those overweight dogs and their owners, but in the process, we donate a portion of our ongoing revenue to dog rescue organizations that so badly need the help.

The SlimDoggy App contains a calorie database of about 2,000 dog foods and allows the tracking of the dog’s activity each day.  You can input the amount of food you feed them each day, their activity levels and SlimDoggy tells you automatically whether you are overfeeding (and your dog will gain weight) or underfeeding (and your dog will lose weight). You never again have to guess how much to feed your dog!

[1] Association for Pet Obesity Prevention 2012.

Holiday Gifts from SlimDoggy:

 SlimDoggy is an iPhone App that helps dog owner’s estimate and track their dog’s calorie intake and exercise level so they may achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle for their dog.

Use the “Gift App” option to make this a gift to your dog loving friends.

  • SlimDoggy Food Measuring Scoops:  Available at Slimdoggy.com for $ 5.99

 Many people just don’t accurately measure how much they feed their dog which leads to overfeeding and overweight dogs.  The SlimDoggy measuring scoop enables you to accurately determine how much you are feeding your dog.  Used in conjunction with the SlimDoggy App, it is easier than ever before to ensure that your dog maintains a healthy weight.

 Scoops come with the SlimDoggy logo printed on the side for inspiration.

  • SlimDoggy T-Shirts:  Available at Slimdoggy.com for $ 14.99

 Show the world that your dog is a SlimDoggy, not a Chubby Puppy.  T-shirts are high quality (Champion) cotton with the SlimDoggy logo printed on the front.

 “Be a SlimDoggy, not a Chubby Puppy”!  Happy and Healthy Holidays!

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Disclosure: SlimDoggy is a DogTipper advertiser.

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