2012 Gift Guide: Tagg – The Pet Tracker

Just the other day, I was headed to the grocery store and forgot my cell phone…so I turned around and came home and got it. John and I started laughing because, not that many years ago, we buzzed around on errands (not to mention traveling all over the world for our guidebook business) without a cell phone. Now that we’ve got them, though, there’s no looking back. Leaving a cell phone at home feels like leaving home without your shoes.

And I’m already feeling the same way about Tagg – The Pet Tracker. How did we do without this product just a few short weeks ago? This week I took the dogs walking and realized that Irie’s unit was on the charger and came back to get it!

If you’re not familiar with it, Tagg is a GPS device that allows you to literally track your dog via a cell phone app. We received a Tagg device for both Irie and Tiki; we’ll be reviewing them in January as everyone’s attention turns to fitness. Recently Tagg began offering Activity Tracking so that you can see how much (or how little) your dog is active throughout the day and work on improving his fitness. More on that in January as we turn our attention to fitness and new year’s resolutions.

For now, though, I wanted to share with you just how much we’re enjoying the security of having a Tagg on both our dogs. Thanks to the two-part unit–a device attached to your dog’s collar and a home base unit– you’ll receive a text, email or alert whenever your dog leaves a designated home area; hop on your cell phone to check the mobile app and you’ll see a map with your dog’s current position. You can then find your  dog’s immediate position on a map, track his movements, and get driving directions to his location. The app can also point you to the nearest vet and more.

We’ll be bringing you a lot more about all these features in our full review next month but, for now, we just wanted to pass along to you how great this technology is. Every day on social media we see sad accounts of lost pets and think how this technology can help prevent that heartache. Tagg is super simple to use; it includes a home base you’ll plug in to monitor your dog’s position in relation to the base (and it also serves as a charging station for the Tagg). The second part of the system is the Tagg itself which clips to your dog’s existing collar. Our dogs haven’t paid it any mind at all.

Tagg has really given us peace of mind, especially when we’ve been traveling (twice this month) to pet expos and industry events and the dogs have been in the care of my parents. It’s a great device for any pet lover who travels or who worries about the possibility of a lost dog (and that’s no doubt all of us!) A big paws up for Tagg!

Price: The Tagg tracker with base unit and collar unit is $99.95, including three months of service. After three months, the fee is $7.95 per month. Add a second pet for $89.95 with a 95 cent per month fee.

Disclosure: We received Tagg units for review with our dogs; our opinions and love of this product are entirely our own!

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  • Susan

    I have Westies. 15 lbs and 20 lbs. is the unit too large/heavy for them?