2012 Gift Guide: Woof It Up Play & Train™ Kit

Many of us have friends that will soon add a dog to their family. We might be looking for a holiday guide for that puppy…but we all know just how quickly that puppy outgrows those puppy toys (that is, the ones he doesn’t destroy!) At the same time, we’d like to give new pet parents useful information…and now there’s one kit that makes a great gift for both new pet parents and dogs, regardless of their age.

Woof It Up Play & Train™ Kit is a new product by Angel Wasserman, CCBC, CPDT. This certified Dog Behavior Consultant is designed to eliminate boredom in dogs and the associated behavioral problems including excessive barking, chewing, destruction, jumping, etc.

And just how does it work? The kit, which arrives in a nice box is a treasure chest of tools for both the dog and dog parent:

This box contains tools and toys, starting with the 149-page Woof it Up: A Guide to Happy Dogs and Happy Owners. This book features easy-to-implement activities to train your dog to useful behaviors that will have everyday uses–all while making the training fun. For example, the TV Game, a way to train your dog to settle in a down/stay while you watch television. The activity involves a long-lasting chew product and even works around the program’s commercial schedule…a win-win for both you and your dog!

Along with the book of practical and fun activities and skills, the Woof It Up Play & Train Kit also includes tools for you and your dog to use. It features:

  • Monster Mouth™ kibble dispensing food toy
  • Kong™ food and treat release toy
  • Aluminum can cover
  • Training clickers (2) one with comfort wristband
  • Giant tennis ball for ball related games in your book

The toys and tools can be used by all ages of dogs, truly a gift that keeps on giving! A big paws up for the Woof It Up Play & Train Kit!

Price: $47.99 (medium), $49.99 (large)

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Disclosure: We received a Woof It Up Play & Train Kit for review.

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