#SuperDogSunday Spotlight: Arenus

We love natural products that we can give our dogs to tackle everyday problems in a safe manner. Arenus offers several special products created with flower essences including  specialized blends to address specific dog issues: Stress, boredom, trauma, jealously, insecurity, loss of a loved one, and others.

We especially wanted to mention a couple of special flower essence blends produced by this sponsor of Super Dog Sunday™…and ones that seem pretty appropriate for the football crowd!

Devil Be Gone® is a special blend that’s designed to help with matters of biting, snapping, rebelliousness, hostility, aggressiveness, and anger. (Doesn’t it sound like this would be useful for some particular football players themselves?!) Devil Be Gone is even useful for dogs with an obsessive need to protect the caregiver. Here’s a look at the natural ingredients in this mixture:

Distilled water, proprietary blend of infusions of Prunus cerasifera, Ilex aquifolium, Impatiens gladulifera, Mimulus guttatus, Berberis aquifolium, Antirrhinum majus, Lilium humboldtii, Verbena officinalis, and Vitis vinfera flower essences, and distilled vinegar.

Obsess Less™ is specially created for dogs with an obsessive disorder which can lead to obsessive grooming, biting, licking or scratching. This blend contains:

Distilled water and proprietary blend of infusions of Aesculus hippocastanum, Malus sylvestris, Mimulus lewisii, Aesculus carnea, solarized spring water, and Salix vitella flower essences, and distilled vinegar.

Arenus flower essences may be used for a week to 10 days or for as long as three to six weeks, in situations where dogs require more support.

Would your dog benefit from one of these Arenus flower essences? We’ll be giving away both these blends to lucky Super Dog Sunday™ winners; please be sure to enter the photo contest!


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Disclosure: As part of our work with Event Barkers, we are working with Arenus to share their products as part of the Super Dog Sunday™ promotion to benefit Petfinder Foundation.

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