Review: Easy Scoop a Poop

Let’s face it: picking up dog poop is not the most pleasant of tasks. The warmth, the moisture…well, you know…

Because of this, we were very interested in reviewing a new product called the Easy Scoop a Poop™. This patented, made in the USA product is designed to shield your hand and, as the manufacturer says, “take the ‘yuck’ out of pet waste pick up!”

So we decided to put it to the test. As you know, our two dogs are large. Large dogs = large waste pick up. They would be able to provide us with a true test.

The product itself is small, almost wallet-sized, with a carabiner clip to easily attach it to a leash, collar, your purse, or belt loop.The 5-ounce box easily pops open to reveal a roll of Post Industrial Recycled plastic bags:

But the next step was the best surprise: finger pockets on each side of the box, transforming the box into a mitt:

Next, I slipped the mitt inside one of the waste bags, formed a pocket in the bag, and I was ready:

While the Easy Scoop a Poop (and my hand) stayed totally free and away from the waste, I picked up the mess:

Just as if the bag were over my hand alone, I pulled the bag off and disposed of it…but, this time, I had no contact with anything other than the inside of the Easy Scoop a Poop!

I love the ability to make this chore easy and “yuck” free, all with a product made from recycled plastic! And, besides pet waste, the Easy Scoop a Poop can be used for other chores that I might feel a little squeamish about (like relocating a lizard. I spent a hour the other day coaxing a lizard into a jar for relocation to the yard so I didn’t have to grab him since, in the past, I’ve been bitten by them.)

A big thumbs up for the Easy Scoop a Poop!


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  • Does it come in the size of a back hoe?

  • Phoerauf

    We love the Easy Scoop A Poop, I got to review one a month or so ago!