Holiday Gift Guide: Collars, Leashes & Tags


In our first day of gift guide fun, we’re taking a look at some great collars, harnesses, leashes and tags for your dog. We’ve got a selection of great gifts for a variety of budgets!

Lupine Pet

1791_stdWorried about your dog chewing through a leash? New Hampshire-based Lupine® guarantees their stylish collars, harnesses and leashes even if they’re chewed! Made in a wide variety of fun patterns for male and female dogs of all sizes, Lupine offers collars, Roman harnesses, no-pull harnesses, Martingales, padded leashes, and more. Collars start at $7.99 for small dogs. Stay tuned for a full review with our dogs of these pretty collars!

Dog IDs ScruffTag Dog Collars


Jingle bells are fine for holiday fun…but not when it comes to jingling dog tags! These collars, which come in a variety of styles from waterproof to leather, nylon to braided, include the tag right in the collar itself. No jingling…and no risk of a tag snagging in the brush and getting lost! The waterproof dog collars, like these above, are odor-resistant and feature corrosion-proof hardware, perfect for a trip to the beach with Bowser. Stay tuned for photos of Irie and Tiki in these colors and a full review of these collars, priced at $34.

2Hounds Design Holiday Collars


2Hounds Design makes and manufactures custom-made, creative and comfortable designer dog collars (including great holiday designs) for medium, large and extra-large breeds. No matter how large the dog, you can give the gift of custom, comfortable and stylish collars in a pattern to fit any dog’s personality. 2Hounds is only made using high-end fabrics and materials all made and sourced in the USA. Most collars are priced $35-$40. Along with collars (1-1/2″ and 2″ wide), 2Hounds Design also offers Martingale collars, leashes, and a no-pull harness.

 Kurgo Harnesses


As our regular readers know, we always buckle up Irie and Tiki when we’re heading out in the car…and the car harnesses we use are Kurgo. Starting at just $20, these harnesses are made for safety with a broad, padded chest, seat belt loops, multiple points for adjustment, and quick release buckles. We can say firsthand that they’re very easy to put on and take off so that it’s easy to always harness your dog whether you’re off on a quick trip around town or a holiday adventure.



Looking for a way to share your commitment to rescue? The USA-made WagAware charm for dogs, which retails for $14.95, donates 50 percent of profits go to rescue organizations as it shares its mission is to raise awareness and funds to help dogs in need. The charm is lightweight, noiseless and glows in the dark. The charm ships free in the US. For more, visit winit

Tagg Pet GPS Tracker


The Tagg was in last year’s gift guide but we had to include it in this year’s guide as well; it’s one item we never leave home without. The Tagg tracker attaches to your dog’s collar and, through use of a base unit, lets you know when your dog leaves a defined area. It’s a great device whether you’re concerned about your dog getting out while you’re at work or getting separated from you when you travel. The Tagg is priced at $99.95 including three months of service or you can buy a gift bundle with the unit and 12 months of service for $179.95.


FUREVER YOURS Bracelet - 3 finishes

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