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As our regular readers know, we live in Texas so our dogs usually don’t have a need for a heavy coat. While we don’t have the extreme cold of so many locations, winters here can be damp, with drizzly days and heavy fog on some morning walks. And spring (which is already beginning here) brings generally the wettest weather of the year. We depend on those spring rains to get us through the long, hot summer that we know will follow, so we’re definitely HOPING for that rain and happy to see it–and to get out and walk in it.

Rain or shine, the dog walk goes on!

I ordered the Kurgo Portsmouth Walking Coat during Kurgo’s recent winter coat sale, specifically because I thought it looked like a great spring raincoat. It arrived just a few days later, a stylish, lightweight coat that’s perfect for chilly and wet spring walks.

The coat was super easy to put on either dog (and our dogs don’t care for clothing!) With an adjustable buckle and hook-and-loop band attachment at the neck and hook-and-loop band at the belly, the coat took only moments to get on either dog.


The coat has a stand-up collar for deflecting rain and has a sophisticated pattern that I love. I ordered the Large for Irie and Tiki (30-37″ girth, Neck: 24-31”) but the coat comes in sizes XS-XL, starting at $19, depending on size.

I love our new Kurgo Portsmouth Walking Coat and am looking forward to some long walks in the rain this spring!

Since the coat is easy to clean, I even felt comfortable letting Irie go down to the creek wearing it on this morning’s walk. A big paws up for the Kurgo Portsmouth Walking Coat!

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