Review: PawNosh Glass Pet Bowls

What kind of bowl do you use for your dog? We’ve been through them all. Plastic is a problem because it causes chin acne in one of our cats. Ceramic is nice in that it clean up well, but, if you don’t know the origin of the bowl, you have to worry about toxins in the glaze. Stainless steel is good but gets dented by our big doggies.

Glass is a great option for bowls but often glass bowls are just too fragile for dog households.

But that’s not the case with PawNosh, super stylish bowls for pets made from recycled glass:
They look like works of art, complete with a modern pawprint in the aqua-tinted glass.


The bowls are SUPER heavy so you don’t need to worry about your dog nosing the bowl around the house or, even worse, picking up the bowl in his mouth and walking off with it, only to drop it a few feet away. (Yes, we’ve had that happen.)


These bowls come in two sizes. The Cubby Bowl ($55) would be good for one small dog or for cats; the Cubby Deluxe Bowl ($74) is for dogs over 25 pounds. All the bowls:

  • are handmade in the USA
  • are made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled glass
  • include a lifetime warranty against breakage
  • are dishwasher safe (do NOT microwave, however)

We love this stylish pet bowl that would be a great gift for your favorite pet lover!

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We received a PawNosh Cubby Bowl and PawNosh Cubby Deluxe Bowl for review.

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