#Kurgo Introduces New Color Splash Line

Let’s have a show of hands: who is ready for SPRING?!

Even in Texas, it’s been a long, cold winter. We’re ready for spring sunshine, spring blossoms, spring COLORS!

And we know we’re not alone. Our friends at Kurgo just introduced a brand-new line that we think is a great choice for everyone like us who’s ready to see some happy colors. The Color Splash features great Kurgo products (with the Kurgo Hassle Free Lifetime Warranty you’ve come to expect) in budget-friendly prices, starting at just $10 with the Color Splash Zippy Bowl, above. The BPA-free, foldable bowl transforms into a waterproof, portable bowl for water or food, whether you’re out running errands with your dog or headed on a dream vacation.

Since spring=mud in many locations, you’ll also find the Color Splash Bench Seat Cover to keep those muddy paws off the car upholstery:


That mud can find itself on the car doors as well (that’s Tiki’s favorite trick!) The Color Splash Car Door Guard protects the doors from muddy paws and scratch marks:


¬†And small dogs aren’t forgotten in this collection; check out the Color Splash Dog Booster Seat for dogs up to 30 pounds. It can be used in the rear seat or front seat (it’s raised so it won’t trigger the air bag to deploy in the event of an accident).

cs-booster-2-2014__12868.1391793597.1280.1280Even if spring blooms may be a few weeks off, it’s nice to know that the Kurgo Color Splash line can lend a much-needed splash of color to your dog travel NOW!

Kurgo is a DogTipper sponsor.


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