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The weather has turned lovely here in Texas so we’re taking advantage of this temperate time to hit the road with Irie and Tiki. (We know all too well the hot weather that lies ahead in a few weeks!) This past week we headed to Inks Lake State Park, a beautiful constant level lake that’s one of our Hill Country favorites. Irie and Tiki absolutely love the easy-to-access lake and the picnic grounds that are right on the lakeshore.

Of course, a picnic means time for a meal not just for us but for Irie and Tiki as well! We took the Kurgo Wander Pail with us on this day trip, the first time we’d traveled with this three-part product. Like the name suggests, it’s much like an old-fashioned lunchpail, complete with a handle to carry to your picnic table.

The top comes off and inside there’s a shallow stainless steel dish. Below that lies plenty of room for your dog’s food or water. The pail is insulated so you can even use it for the raw diet.

We didn’t carry water in the pail this trip but used the lower level for the dogs’ lunch. (When we travel, they only eat a light breakfast to prevent any potential tummy troubles on the road.)

I took off the top, poured some kibble into the dish, and Irie was ready for her lunch!


When we returned home, I learned that the Wander Pail was extremely easy to clean; I just popped it into the dishwasher.

A big paws up for the Kurgo Wander Pail, which made it easy to transport and serve Tiki and Irie’s food! The Kurgo Wander Pail comes in two sizes– the small 27-ounce size and the large 44-ounce size. Like other Kurgo products, the Wander Pail comes with a lifetime guarantee to be free of any manufacturing defect or it will be replaced for free!

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