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Last summer, Irie had a small melanoma removed from her muzzle. Since that time, we’ve been extra careful to keep sunscreen on her nose whenever she’s in the sun. Irie loves to spend time outdoors, go swimming at the lake and, whenever possible, at the beach, and take long hikes with us. We live in Texas so there’s not a lot of escape from the sun, so we knew we needed to opt for a good sunscreen but we didn’t want to purchase one filled with chemicals. We did a lot of research for a good brand of sunscreen made specifically for dogs, and wound up purchasing one from Only Natural Pet, a company that makes and sells, as the name suggests, only natural pet products.

only-natural-petSo when we heard that was going to be offering Only Natural Pet products, we were eager to learn more. After being self-employed myself for nearly three decades–and turning to the pet field after a career in travel writing, I am always interested in talking with other entrepreneurs about how their businesses got their start, especially when their career rerouted them into the pet business.

That was exactly the case with Only Natural Pet CEO Marty Grosjean. A pet lover who came to the animal field from a background in technology and marketing, Grosjean adopted a dog named Freckles who had spent a number of years in shelters. “She had kind of a rough early life and was pretty skittish around other dogs. She had her share of health challenges,” recalled Grosjean. “Being a natural consumer in my personal life, I decided to use natural approaches on Freckles as well. I began to see that it was a very effective way to improve her health and her quality of life–and that it was kind of hard to find a number of these products.”

At that time, Grosjean had a difficult time finding natural products for Freckles. “You had to search out a small, independent pet store and there weren’t as many in those days as there are now.” With a brother-in-law who was a holistic vet, Grosjean soon decided to start a company. His sister’s garage was their first warehouse, and his table was their first office. The business soon expanded to a warehouse and office in Boulder, Colorado and has been growing ever since.

One expansion was the production of their own brand of products. Grosjean explains that they used the “best of the best” concept, taking the characteristics they liked best of different products and melding them into a unique product especially for Only Natural Pet. “We started with our first product, a flea and tick powder, and grew from there into supplements, grooming products, treats and ultimately food.” The products are formulated by a holistic veterinarian to be biologically appropriate for cats and dogs.

Today the line ranges from Chinese herbal remedies and homeopathic products to natural treats and chews as well as supplements, flea and tick solutions, litter and grooming products.

Grosjean proudly explained that Only Natural Pet now has “the largest selection of natural pet supplies from any one company.”

The products remain strictly natural. “We’ve developed a set of standards that any product that we launch under our brand must meet,” says the CEO. “We’re very strict about what’s really natural and what isn’t. There are a lot of brands in the pet supply world that call themselves natural but when you look at the label they really aren’t natural. We have very strict requirements on how we define natural. Our customers know whatever product they buy from us will meet those requirements so they don’t have to go do the research and the education themselves. If we sell it, it’s natural and it’s a great product and you don’t have to worry about it.”

irie-inksOver the coming weeks, we’ll be bringing you more on the products at Only Natural Pet including ones that we use with Irie and Tiki!

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  • SGilbert

    I would be very interested in a sun screen for Schooner and Skipper. Their nose get a little sun burn and I have been afraid to put anything on their nose because they lick it off. I will be watching for more on Only Natural Pet.

    • Yes, you have to be really careful with sunscreens, especially if you use a human one on dogs because zinc oxide is toxic for dogs! Irie has been really good with the Only Natural Pet sunscreen. It’s pretty thick so it stays on.

      • SGilbert

        Thank you I will go back on the 360 site. I didn’t find it the first time I looked but I also had a dog on my lap trying to help me on the computer. The paws like to paw the keys to help me. Thanks Paris!